[UPDATE: ENDED] GuildCraft Unban Wave

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Hello everyone,
After thinking about this matter, we have decided to initiate an unban wave, in which players that got banned before permanently will get a second chance and be unbanned.

There are however 2 requirements for qualifying for an unban:
• Ban must be at least 6 months old or more.
• Reason for the ban must be one of the following: Advertisement | Hacks (any kind of hacks) | Toxicity | Ban evading | Alting

Blacklist players are not qualified for an unban.

If you meet those 2 requirements, you are welcome to submit an unban request with all the needed details in it (follow the correct format please - if you don't use it your unban will be denied instantly!)

The unban is not automatic, each case will be checked manually and we will decide whether to unban or not.
After you get unbanned, you have 1 chance at this. If you are caught in something that is bannable, you will be permanently banned again, not temporarily banned.

This is your one time chance, don't waste it.

To submit an unban request:
Click Here

The wave will be over in 2 weeks, on Sunday, May 31!
After this date you will not be able to apply for unban as part of the wave anymore.

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