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[GuildCraft] Account Security

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Hey everyone, as you have probably noticed, some players & staff accounts got hacked yesterday and today.

Before I explain everything, let me be clear: Our passwords database was NOT leaked, it is protected in multiple ways and wasn't leaked anywhere.

The hack (and some of the botting) was performed by a blacklisted annihilation player called abdullah234 as many of you might know. He has been trying to harm our server due to him hating me personally for god knows what reason. The way he got players passwords was simply by going to a website that has information from multiple data breaches from several sites in the last few years, and he just got passwords from there. Sadly, most gc players have those passwords still set as their gc password, which is why he was able to hack into those accounts.

I would like to ask you all, please change your gc password right now by going to /hub and doing /changepw <oldpass> <newpass> - please make sure it is a secure password...

[Survival] The Last reset of 2020!

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Hello everyone,
You've been waiting for it for quite some time now, but the wait is over - Survival reset is coming! This will be our final reset of 2020, and we plan to bring you much more awesome content and games in 2021!

What will we have in this reset?
• Server will be based on Minecraft 1.16.4
• Supply drops
• Dragon Slayer (the dragon will respawn every X amount of time in the end)
• Duels
• Pinata vote parties
• Daily rewards
• Vehicles
• Chest shops (No more display shops)
• Chunk busters
• New shop & economy
• No more villager/pillager based economy
• Chat reaction minigame
• Quests (Will become available with a later content update)
• PvE arenas - fight against monsters and win rewards (Will become available with a later content update)

I would like to give a huge thank you to the two people who made this reset possible - Lord_Kaioshin & 3DGx, who both worked super hard to make an awesome reset...​

[Prison] Content Update

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Hello everyone!
It's time for our first content update of Prison!

What will we add in this update?:

• Server will be upgraded to Minecraft 1.16.4
• New P11-P15 mines & rankups
• New pinata vote party - get more rewards from vote parties!
• New /pv system that won't break anymore (You won't lose anything no worries!)
• MOAB and Airstrike bombs will be added to /donateshop
• New small pvp arena near the pvp mine
• No, once again, we do not know when factions will be back, however it's being worked on, pls stop asking D:

The Prison server will go offline on Tuesday, December 8, at 12 PM GMT+1 time, for approximately 3 hours in order for us to apply the update.

[Creative] The official comeback!

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Hey guys, it's time for the first comeback out of many to come, and to start the comeback streak: Creative!
After many people asked for it to be back, it's finally here!

We have reworked the entire gamemode, made it more stable and efficient, and added more 'twists' to the server.
What will you see in this comeback?:

• Based on 1.16.4
• Big plots world (251x251 plots)
• Small plots world (62x62 plots)
• Open world with claiming system
• Special perks shop
• Events & contests
• Vote rewards
• Full WorldEdit, VoxelSniper support
• Many new expert tools for building
• Armor stands creating & editing

• No, we still don't know when Factions will be back, we are working on it.

Regarding the ranks people had on Creative:
Due to the transferring of ownership, the ranks ingame were lost. We do have a proper backup files of all the ranks,
but we are yet to make a proper system to...

[GuildCraft] End of an era & A new beginning!

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Hello everyone,

I'm making this announcement finally after many months I've been waiting to make it.
Few days ago, the former owner, aXed, finally replied to my contact attempts, and finally transferred
the rest of the things I needed in order to truly become full owner of GuildCraft.

Before I continue, I would like to take this opportunity to thank aXed, for everything he has done on this wonderful network.
He worked long and hard on it, for years, to make the best possible content and make the community grow. He made a new standard in Minecraft servers, and that's something not a lot of people can do. Yes, at some point he lost interest and everything started going downhill, but before that, GuildCraft became
an amazing place to play, to find friends, even relationships, and for quite some people, also a place to call home.

Thank you aXed, for everything. I will do my very best to keep it up and maintain the standard...

[Prison] Reset!

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Hello guildcrafters!
Yep, you read it right - it's time for another prison reset!
4 months ago, when the last reset was released, I realized it wasn't the best as I thought it is. Yes, it had nice stuff don't get me wrong, but it was either just too much or too complex. Sooner than I thought, I got a 'confirmation' - players slowly stopped playing it because they either reached free rank/prestige rank too fast, or because it was just too much for them to handle the amount of stuff you need to do with the divisions and other stuff. So here we are, 4 months later, with what players requested - a reset!

So what will we have this reset? here are some of the stuff you'll see:

• Prison will be based on 1.16.3
• New economy
• New spawn
• Return of the casino system (/rps, /jackpot, /coinflip)
• 10 prestiges
• New pvp arena and pvp mine
• New custom free world
• New black market system
• Plots world has...​

[Survival Omega] The Official Release!

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It's been quite a long time since GuildCraft had a new server opened in it, but no more!
I'm happy to announce the official release of our new server, Survival Omega!
As many of you already noticed, our original survival server has been renamed to Survival Delta, that was done so we can differentiate the original survival server from the new one, Survival Omega.

So what will we have in the new server? Here are some of the features:
• Original survival spawn is back
• Spawn plots
• Public duel arenas
• Old PvP world
• Mechanical doors (like on Survival Delta)
• New economy
• Custom generated world
• No more huge IG farms with tons of golems and villagers
• Public mines
• More player-based economy (not everything is sold in the shop anymore - don't worry, there are plenty of things you can still buy in it!)
• Per-biome random teleportation portals
• New crates
• Legacy shop and reward shop will be renamed back...​


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[SkyBlock] The Official Reset!

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Yesssss! SkyBlock reset is FINALLY here! And yes, it's 1.16.1!

Here are some stuff you can expect in the new reset:
The server will be based on 1.16.1
• You can join with 1.12 - 1.16.1 clients
• PvP will still be in 1.8.9 style (aka no hit cooldown)
• New Supreme rank like on Survival
• Islands will have their own nether and end islands. Each island has their own permission system with different ranks and adjustable permissions.
• Toggleable island border (/is border)
• Two chats for islands. One's for the island team (/is teamchat), the other one for anyone who is on the island, including visitors of course (/is chat).
• You can't die from someone else on someone else's island
• New way of obtaining generator upgrades
• 4 new islands and one nostalgia island you can start out with. Each island offers something else (including the starting chest) to increase trading between players.
• Two...

[Survival] The Official Reset!

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Hello everyone!

It's time - the survival reset is finally here! Yes, it took some time, but the wait is finally over. We've worked hard on making this reset, and made some awesome changes and additions to the server!

So what is waiting for you in this reset?

• New spawn
• The return of spawn plots!
• New spawners crate
• Better server shop
• PvP arena in spawn
• The return of warps plots (plots in each /warp)
• The return of the Fortune Maker!
• New quests (this will arrive in a later content update)
• Nether & End plots
• The return of pvp in the end (pvp will be enabled everywhere in the end except it's spawn)
• The return of public mobfarm in spawn
• Real mechanical doors and gateways!
• Public notifications for possible 28-days old unclaimable claims! Race others for claims more than ever!
• Companies! Create and manage companies, use stock market, manage employees and earn...

[Prison] The official 2020 reset release!

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Hello everyone!
Yes yes, the time has come, after over a year, the 2020 reset of prison is coming!
We have been working on this reset for quite a long time now, and we have a lot of surprises for you in it!

Here is some of stuff you will see in this reset:

---------- ----------

[+] Additions [+]
The return of bosses, a new boss wave which is summoned to the courtyard every week with a wave of bosses, Dropping etheral rewards.
New bar gamble system
Player Masks
Duel System
Gang Fights
Return of /adv
Gang level up rewards
Gapple cooldown & modifiers
Return of PlotSquared, AreaShop has been removed.
New currency, /gemstore featuring etheral items and an XP trader.
Money Pouches
Spawners are now a thing
Divisions, an entire new system based on player statistics, unlock unique rewards through this system...​

[Annihilation 3.0] The official release!

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Hello everyone!
Beforehand, I want to thank @NinetyNine for his tremendous amount of time and work he put into this update, it would have never happened if he wasn't here, and he deserves every thank you possible!

I would also like to thank @WitheredToast for his big role in this as well, for all the work he put in and the bug fixes he has done!

Finally, a thank you to @Griffin3039 for coding some of the kits, which he made in a very cool way :)

And now to the topic:
Yes, the time has finally come, I'm happy to officially announce the release of Annihilation 3.0!
This update has been long in the making, and we've put all of our efforts into it to make sure you guys will have plenty of new features to explore and play with!

This update is more focused on the competitiveness of the game, and when I first started planning this update, I decided to base this update on the very...​

Survival's Easter Event

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The bunnies have come out to play and are bringing some games to Survival.

Survival's Easter Event

Sunday 12th April, 2020
@ 2pm GMT

Games will include-
Egg Hunt
Slime Run
Forbidden Forest Maze
Egg Painting

All games will earn points which will be tallied for the grand prize winner.
1st- 5 points , 2nd- 4 points , 3rd- 3 points , Participation- 1 point

Egg Hunt

Egg- ( 1 point )


Slime Run

Custom gear + 1 myth + 1 rare + 1 uncommon ( 5 points )
Custom gear + 1 rare + 1 uncommon ( 4 points )
Custom gear + 1 uncommon ( 3 points...

[The Merge] ArenaPvP & KitPvP + Content Update

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I'm happy to officially announce our new KitPvP update! This update will also include the merge of ArenaPvP with KitPvP.
It has been long in the making, but it is finally here, with a bunch of features and changes.

We will continue using the old system, which will last for 6 months, starting with the 3rd of April and during this period players will be able to win many prizes. Each season will last 2 months. Every 2 months the Top 5 players will be rewarded with shop coupons, which would be given out in this order:

1st place - 20 euro PayPal
2nd place - 15 euro store gift card
3rd place - 10 euro store gift card
4th place - 5 euro store gift card
5th place - 2.5 euro store gift card

New Features:

• New Look
• New Kits
• The return of kit HorseTamer!
• The return of our very first and most beloved kitpvp map and spawn!
• New Duel system with ArenaPvP Kits (Including...​

[Store] New GuildCraft Store!

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Hello everyone!

I'm glad to inform you that our new store is officially out! Since the ownership slowly changes, a new store is needed for the transferred servers, and I have worked on it in the last week to make it intuitive and user friendly.

The new store does not have all the purchasable perks from the original store, since I do not own every server on GuildCraft at the moment (This will take some time to be finished), which is why I did not add everything just yet.

This thread will be updated with all the perks that are available as soon as I put them in the store.

Currently available for purchase:
  • Everything
Servers that are already added to the new store but miss some purchasable perks from the original store will be added at some point. I cannot add everything just yet like I said since I miss some privileges as of...

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