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Hey guys,

Summer is here and also a newsletter to inform you of our plans for the summer. Keep in mind when reading this that these are plans. I can't exactly guess how things go and if things work out. There are more plans for resets and updates but those are not yet "planned".

Survival Reset
The first reset you can expect from us is the long-awaited Survival reset. We're still looking in how we want this reset to look and might release a bunch of polls to get the community opinion on it. You can expect this reset in July.

I want to use this newsletter to announce a reset contest for Survival! The 5 best homes will be rewarded with the following prices:

  • 1st place will win 100 euro gift card and a custom title (For our store)
  • 2nd place will win 75 euro gift card (For our store)
  • 3th place will win 50 euro gift card (For our store)
  • 4th place will win 25 euro gift card (For our store)
  • 5th place will win 10 euro gift card (For our store)
The homes will be judged by me and @Jacky20. We will look at the design (Make it pretty), efficiency (Money farms) and make sure to put a few jokes in your building! The reset post will have a link to the forum thread where you can apply for this contest.

Creative Reset
Currently, we have some issues with the database bugging out on Creative. The easiest and stable solution is to reset it. There are some plans for changes but I'll be honest we don't really know what kind of changes you guys would like to see on creative. Feel free to suggest! Will be released in July!

Prison Reset
We currently have a team of community members working on a new Prison setup. I don't exactly know when they will be finished and if we can implement it into what we have now. However, I believe they have the knowledge to create something awesome. I hope to release this at the end of July or early August.

I've started coding a webpage to show the high scores for each server. Eventually, I want every server to have the option to look up a player and see all their scores like:

  • Best Factions including all the data like spawners, blocks, power and everything that is available.
  • Overal player stats per server like kills, deaths, block places, play time and many more.
  • KitPVP highscores
  • Annihilation highscores
  • Bedwars highscores
  • PracticePVP highscores (per ladder of course)
  • Skywars highscors
  • Eggwars highscores
The data from previous resets (If they are still there) will also be included.

Server relocation
Server relocation will also happen in the summer. Details on this will be released when an exact date and time is known.

SkyBlock Reset
I will prepare the reset for SkyBlock but have not yet planned it. If the community wants it the server will be reset this summer. Keep posting the suggestions and let me know on the forums if you want a reset to happen this summer.

Bot Attacks
For the people who don't know what has been done to prevent bot attacks, we've made lots of changes to our network and how we handle connections to further prevent the attacks from succeeding. I won
't tell too much information on how our protection works but I can assure you we're working on it and have upgraded our protection massively, the attacks might still partly succeed and some bots will always come through but I believe the worst part is behind us.

More changes will be made to our network to even further prevent them from having an impact on gameplay with the server relocation.

Did I miss something?
Please don't be mad if I missed something not everything is included in this newsletter. Just reply with what you would like to see this summer or maybe even after the summer.
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I spend too much money to get to BalTop #1 on SB, please don't take that away from me so soon ;w;


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Well because you asked us to say something. i would say something ! (101 english)
I would love to see a prison reset that balances out the gameplay. Less focused on Pay2win but also Play2Win. New currencies. New Maps and overall refreshment that we've never seen before.

Same goes for all the servers. Just like Facs. We need some new stuff to do on pretty much all other game-modes.

Thank you for your Efforts. We all would highly appreciate if you started to focus more on the server :)