[Faction] Reset


Former Owner

Date & Time: April 26th 19:00 CEST

The following changes have been made

  • Truces/ ally limited at 1
  • New tools
    • Spongewand:
    • Obsidian-Breaker Pickaxe:
    • Sandhoe:
  • Removal of void world (Will become normal flat world)
  • Coinflip
  • Roobleshop removed
  • New interface and command for /legacyshop and /rewardshop
  • Faction member limit at 25
  • 4 days of grace period
  • Autosell hopper
    • Hopper can be placed in your own territory only
    • Sells all dropped items in a chunk to the ingame store
  • Spawners in wilderness will no longer spawn mobs/animals
  • More smaller changes
  • Make sure to have your spawners placed on April 25th 20:00 CEST for Ftop