Vote Glitch

Sude i continoue to vote on guildcraft survival server?

  • Yes

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Hello, Today I join the GuildCraft server, and I played a bit.Then I wanted to vote for keys.I did use /Vote to vote but then I vote for all websites, I did everything alright I waited a bit but nothing happens I didn't get the experience I didn't get cash I also didn't get any vote keys.I already did vote like 2 times I thought it was just that one time happened, but the problem is continued, so I decided to post this on forums.I hope that will be fixed soon, Thank you.

-Minecraft username: Ahwer
-Minecraft Version: 12.2
-Guildcraft server: Survival


Short’s Bae
Hello, I think the voting system doesn't work properly every time around this time of the month. Apologies for the inconvenience but sadly I am unable to change it for you.
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