Trade Center [Read before you trade]

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Welcome To The Trade Center!

Here you will be posting for Trades, read this thread before you trade.

Important information:
You can ask an admin to safely make a trade with someone. Players are not allowed to scam when an admin is involved in a trade. (Note: Admins will only help with doing the trade safely if real-life donations are involved (guildcraft donateshop)
2. You cannot ask an admin for a trade without making a thread here. The person who you're trading with must also respond to the thread so there is proof of the agreement.
3. Be aware that servers might reset! There are arrangements that refund a part of the money as long you've made a topic and used an admin for the trade.
4. Be aware that scamming during a cross server trade is also allowed. You may ask an admin to oversee this trade but they are allowed to reject this request.

Trading Center Rules:
Item and currency trade scamming is allowed.** (*Unless an admin handles the trade) (*Scamming in survival, skyblock and skygrid is not allowed)
2. Scamming during an admin trade is not allowed and will result in a ban.
3. Trading for currency outside of GuildCraft is not allowed. You may only trade for perks which are in our donate store.
4. Scamming with IRL currency is not allowed, however we do not offer support to someone being scammed. Always use an admin trade when real life money is involved.

Combine your chests with the items to make trading easier for our admins:
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