Survival Reset - September 2019

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Reset Date: September 1st

  • Added Aether World
    • Reach this through /spawn
  • Added 1.13.2 Survival World
    • Reachable through warps or portals
  • Added Quests
    • Basic Introductory Quests will be available on release, more will follow
  • Added Reports System
    • Use /report (players username) (reason for reporting)
    • A list of valid report reasons can be found in spawn
  • Added ClueScrolls
  • Added Marriage System
  • Add Dye Kit
    • Obtainable through crates and quests
  • New PVP Arena
  • Added a Open Air Market
    • Use /warp market to access
  • Server Shop has been significantly nerfed, this is in an effort to force the creation of a player driven economy, not a server shop driven one.
  • CustomEnchants have been removed
  • ChestShops now have a limit, you can gain additional ChestShops through quests and crates.
  • Minor Cosmetics Updates
  • /shop has been disabled. You can access the server shop through NPC's at spawn
  • The ender dragon now respawns
  • Player and Mob Heads will drop
  • Addition of multiple areas around spawn linked to quests. I suggest exploring as you may find some secrets.
Additional Information:

General Information:
This survival update is more of a Survival 2.0 sort of deal. We're adding and changing a lot to try to make things better for all of you guys, and make it where the server is sustainable. We will be taking feedback and will change and remove stuff if it works or doesn't work.
Quests are something that was supposed to be released last reset. Well for sure they will be in this one. To start with I will be releasing a basic quests system that will introduce players to Survival2.0. After we get through the first couple of weeks I will start adding more and more quests for your enjoyment.
Custom Mobs:
Upon release of the expanded quest-line I will be releasing weekly boss battles in the PvP Arena, as-well as a few custom enemies in the Survival 1.13 World. Keep an eye out for these!
Reset Build Contest:
Builds will be judged on the 28th of August, and are due at midnight the night before. Please submit your build to a Survival Admin for judging.​

Reset Trailer:
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Nimble Knuckle
well.. looks nice hoping we wont find a shit ton of bugs or at least they will get fixed asap ^
totally hyped


Please dont remove Custom Enchants, I can get along with warping to shop, But PLEASE dont remove IDK what ill do with out haste II and Gears III and many more but if the shop part can be reviewed plz do it
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