Suggestion about a new command on both survivals


So I was wondering as a suggestion. To make 2 commands that require to be married (in the server).
First of all this is the command its /hug <player> and you hug him/her. If he/she is close to you it works then in the person's screen it appears just like this: Player has hugged you. If this suggestion gets into the game, would be pretty epic. Its gonna be the hugging epicness command.

Forgot to mention! If the player is not close to you at least 6 blocks it would not work!



Survival Lord
Honestly, I don't feel the same excitement that you show to have. While it may be fun to hug other players, it doesn't add anything to the gameplay and such a minor addition would likely go unnoticed. With our current priorities this is unlikely to get implemented.

On another note, I do want to thank you for showing your interest in improving our server. Just because I don't fully agree with this suggestion, doesn't mean I'm grateful for your effort.

Keep it coming!