[Skyblock] Enabling TNT


People I have a suggestion that is to add the explosion of tnt in the game, I know that many will not like it because coop players will be able to easily blow up the island of others, so I have a command in mind: / Is CoopSettings that will define what a player can or not to do it, for example: to allow or not to explode the tnt triggered by a coop player, it would be good to add this because with that new possibilities will arise, + possibilities = better, the game is defined only in: making cactus farm, making farm pumpkin, but with the explosion of tnt we could make new farms like: stone or wood farm and many others (if we have creativity) in relation to the damage produced by tnt it would be good only those who triggered tnt to take damage, and if a dropper triggers tnt nobody will take damage, but the blocks will be broken (except spawners)

to the comments below (regarding cookies_powers): we can put some kind of message that appears a few times, such as: [Tip] You can restart your island using / is reset
and from time to time, he sends messages that help the players with the commands, who also don't know that the command exists, but it was always like that with the whole command, one player goes there and teaches the other player how to use the command, that can continue without problems, and it is possible / is coopsettings to continue because the TNT explosion option will be initially disabled, and only the owner (island leader) will be able to activate or keep it disabled at any time he wants,
and only those who activated TNT will receive the damage
If an ejector activated TNT, no one will suffer damage
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Enabling TNT for farming might be a good idea, but also might be a bad idea because of well, Explosion and grief. It might be possible but, i think it's not worth it.


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I would have to disagree with this idea. Most farms that involves TNT will be extremely laggy. “/is coopsettings” does seem like an good idea but many players will forget or not even know about such a command so you would have to keep that in mind. Also if someone did successfully grief and island using TNT, that player will be punished but the player that got griefed will be even more punished because months of hard work was just ruined in seconds because TNT explosions exist. The staff cant really refund an entire island you know. Therefore I have to disagree with enabling TNT at all.