[Prison] Staff Recruitment Drive


Prison is lit. Join us.

Prison staff recruitment drive

Accompanied with the upcoming reset, I have decided it is time to have a staff recruitment drive open to the prison staff team. Due to the past of the recruitment of mods being blur and sluggish, I think it is about time to make it clear to the interested applicants!

The target for the staff recruitment process is to recruit up to 4 mods, with the starting period being after reset, 1st of June 2020. The details of recruitment will be stated as follows:

What are we looking for:

1. Active playtime, up to 7 hours of playtime per week as the bare minimum, and no frequent inactivity without notice.

2. Mature behavior in chat and in game, very subjective, but generally not toxic, not childish, just not an annoying person overall.

3. Clean history, no bans and not up to severity 2, severity 3 mutes for the past 3 months.

4. Responsible actions, no record for bug abusing/ permission abusing for the past 6 months.

5. Willing to follow guidelines and measures set by the server.

What not to do during the application period:

1. Spam the existing staff members to vouch for your application, this will lead to a lower chance of you being credited for your application

2. Tell lies to make yourself look good

3. Violate any of the server rules, in any shape of form

4. Spamming me with messages about your application, or to “discuss” with me regarding your application.

5. Last minute report master, reporting everything you see in the server, in hopes to show that you care about the server

Basic Staff recruitment requirement:

1. Have a forum account that is at least a week old

2. Have at least 20 posts on the forum

3. Have an active discord account

4. At least 3 months old in the prison server

5. Only applications through the official forum application will be qualified, or else, it will not be accepted.

Those who have applied in the past, and have yet to receive a response, your application will be denied. If you still have interest to apply again, please do it through the official forum application form a new, I will review them again.

Disclaimer: Please respect the fact that if you did not get selected, do not turn hateful towards our staff members and players, just because you feel resentful that you did not get picked, if you did so, it discredits all the good qualities you have towards the server, making them all cover up’s and lies.

May I wish all of you good luck! Looking forward to seeing your applications, the next one could be you!