[Prison] Reset!

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Hello guildcrafters!
Yep, you read it right - it's time for another prison reset!
4 months ago, when the last reset was released, I realized it wasn't the best as I thought it is. Yes, it had nice stuff don't get me wrong, but it was either just too much or too complex. Sooner than I thought, I got a 'confirmation' - players slowly stopped playing it because they either reached free rank/prestige rank too fast, or because it was just too much for them to handle the amount of stuff you need to do with the divisions and other stuff. So here we are, 4 months later, with what players requested - a reset!

So what will we have this reset? here are some of the stuff you'll see:

• Prison will be based on 1.16.3
• New economy
• New spawn
• Return of the casino system (/rps, /jackpot, /coinflip)
• 10 prestiges
• New pvp arena and pvp mine
• New custom free world
• New black market system
• Plots world has been removed
• Cellblocks system has changed - No more 3 cellblocks but 1 cellblock for everyone to use. All players from rank B can get a cell that will be theirs forever. No need to pay rent for it or buy it at all as well. Cells will be big and open.
• Divisions, certified items, masks, gem store, bar, and easter eggs have been removed - We are back to the old prison everyone liked
• Word unscramble chat minigame
• Donor warps with special shops and mobfarms
• Revamped delivery man system
• The Supreme rank from SkyBlock and Survival Delta/Omega is finally coming to prison! I hereby present you the highest premium rank of Prison: KingPin!
The Prison server will reset on Friday, October 16, at 8 PM GMT+1 time!

Friday, October 23, 8 PM GMT+1 time!

*Note: the reset might be delayed due to some issues I may run into, though I don't expect it to.
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