My suggestions for the following reset on Survival


I might get more ideas later, but this is all I came up with so far. Feel free to support/criticize them or offer something of your own in replies.
Note: My knowledge of Guildcraft is not perfect so it's okay if you dismiss some of them in case you think they are wrong, impossible to embody, or not worth of embodiment.
Here is my full list of suggestions with all of them described briefly. How about we...

1. Get rid of the /warp shop already and bring back the good ol' /shop command that has always been there until September 2019. One might argue that having a warp is more realistic than just letting players use a command, but IMHO, Minecraft is NOT about realism, and convenience for players matters much more here. Come on! It has literally become a meme...

2. Make a normal PvP-arena with an interesting design instead of a current one which is just a square area that players can easily escape from and avoid losing. There's even no fence.
3. Make sure that next season, players can't deal more damage on PvP with a fist than with a sword of any kind thanks to the MCMMO skills, which is just ridiculous.
4. Do some events. Because in my POV, players began to quit Survival not just because of the bad economy, but also because nothing basically changed for those 3 months and nothing was happening. Let's do some spleef or marathons, or the mini-game I coined myself - the sapper game simulation in Minecraft. Just a field of colored blocks with each color meaning numbers and some TNT hidden beneath it. I can be activated with daylight detectors so that when a player breaks a block above it, the TNT kills them. The one who demines their field first wins.
5. Bring back quests and dungeons based on NPC's because this season, there were none.
6. Add some more plugins adding interesting features to the server, something that hasn't been there before. For example, the Jukebox Extended plugin that allows creating custom music discs with any audio file you like. I don't know many plugins, but out there on the internet, there's definitely something new and interesting, I'm sure of it... like plugins allowing to dance or crawl through 1x1 block holes, or climb over 2 block high walls... Anything! There might sure be issues with all of this and if some plugins can't be added, I understand whatever the reason is.
7. Make sure that /fly is disabled in the End for the kick-off so that ranked players couldn't just fly through and take all the elytras before everyone else even had a chance... as they did this season. It's not fair when all the elytras are taken by players who don't need them in the first place (I do have /fly).
8. Disable /fly in the Nether as well. It also gives a huge advantage at looting fortresses and bastions, especially during the first hours after the season's opening.
9. Disable /fly for everyone for a certain period of time after the server is opened as it's already been done on Survival Omega. I'm not sure if 48 hours is the right number, but you guys have done the right thing then. The advantage of flying at looting the Overworld needs to be cut as well.
10. Don't make the End a permanent PvP zone again. If we simply disable /fly, everyone is roughly equal at looting so there's totally no need for PvP to create an extra rivalry. Besides, last season, lots of players liked to build up in the End and since PvP was added, it was no longer safe for them to do it. It has simply driven everyone out of there for no good reason. The End became a wasteland.
11. Consider bringing the Aether realm back. I personally don't care much about this one, but many players used to like it and build up their bases in there as well. Last season, some players who didn't like Skyblock used to build floating islands in the Aether on Survival instead.
12. If we don't remove PvP in the End, then we should at least disable /tpa and /tpahere teleportation to the End to avoid the possibility of tp-killing, or at least give a warning to a teleporting player in chat that the second player is in the End right now. Or else, you never know whether it's safe to tp or not. Not only the second player themselves might be a tp-killer, but after ending up in the End, the first player might get slayed by a third player which creates a question of whether the second player is involved in luring player-1 and if it's a tp-kill with 2 players involved or not.
13. Make the /tpa notice look just like on Skyblock so that we could just push the green button instead of typing /tpaccept

14. Make a trash can for items removed with the entity clear so that they wouldn't be deleted right away, but could be taken back by players from a specific container opened via command, and deleted in 5-10 minutes if nobody takes them back.
15. If possible, bring back the plugin for messaging players by just clicking on their names in chat instead of typing /msg
16. PLEASE!!! Bring back the plugin for making armor stand statues and holograms! At least for tyrants as it was! I need it for the dungeon really really badly!!!

17. Please, don't remove the Big Doors Mod! Many players love it including me! And I'll be using it.
18. Please, don't raise the price of claimblocks. 250$ per block won't be disbalancing at all. It's just perfect.
19. Make witch spawners more accessible. This season, it was literally the rarest item. There's always a demand for them and a small amount in possession, which makes their price skyrocket!
20. Consider adding more kinds of spawners to the server and putting more of them for sale for reward tokens. Because there are too many spawners that you can only win from crates.
21. Consider abolishing the spawner crate...
22. Fix voting already!
23. Make players always receive reward keys for voting and get rid of this randomized system randomly choosing whether you get one or not. Because players are often upset when they don't get a single key for all 7 votes. It's okay if it requires nerfing the value of crate prizes. It would compensate for the shift.
24. This one is the most controversial, but the number one reason why players quit GC is because of inflation created by players who do nothing but constantly collect cash. I know, it may be the meaning of their gameplay and it's the only thing they play for sake of. One might argue that without it, they're the first to quit, but IMHO, keeping those people happy is simply not worth the damage to everyone else that they produce.
I only see 3 possible options to solve the economic crisis:
1) Abolish IG spawners.
2) Abolish the sale of iron and other valuable farmables or at least reduce their selling price.
3) Ban AFK-farming completely so that players could only earn money by actually playing the game.
One might as well argue that earning cash manually is boring, but the point is that cash collectors don't even spend the cash they earn, but simply collect it endlessly for fun and bragging in the baltop. Most of them don't even build anything which is the number one point of Minecraft and what they're supposed to spend resources on, they simply leach on the economy. Earning money is only boring when your meaning of the game is something else than just that and you're simply forced to do it. So it's not really an issue for boredom/fun, but of speed. They just wanna get rich as quickly as possible and it's all they care about. Since earning is their dopamine source and not spending, it won't be boring for them, they just won't be doing it as fast. So yes, taking one of those 3 measures is worth doing.
25. Abolish the /baltop command so that players couldn't even see each other's balances. This way, they wouldn't even be tempted to compete in raising cash. If a player wants to know another player's amount of cash, they can simply ask. This command does no practical good but encourages endless cash race and bragging. Because tops only exist for those who seek to be in them.
26. Appoint a new head-admin (sorry, Kai)

You're welcome to list which of those ideas you support and which you don't and explain why. You might as well give me points on a scale of 0-26 or list all the suggestions with + and -
Please, comment!


I agree with the voting suggestion because why am I wasting time voting for the chance of getting a key. I didn't even open a crate yet and I'm already gambling on getting nothing.

As for the economy, the gamemode is boring as hell. Make a new one and give up on this one. Disabling fly doesn't mean much if you're gonna ignore peeps having kits. The server is p2w there is no point playing.

Having fun on this server only happens when you have a team to play with, after that I'd uninstall the game.


Survival Lord
Let me start by tagging @Lord_Kaioshin and @3DGx . Now for my opinions on each point:

1. Agree
2. Delta currently has a separate PvP arena which we added a few weeks after reset
3. I’ve heard this being tossed around, and I agree it’s better if it gets removed
4. Events are always fun
5. Last reset, the quests were a part of the content update. If they’re gonna be added this reset, I expect a similar scenario.
6. I would support
7. +1
8. +1
9. +1
10. I don’t really have an opinion on this one
11. I haven’t heard one single complaint about the Aether realm not being here, so maybe some examples?
12. Sure
13. Easy addition, let’s do it
14. That could be quite convenient at times, I’ve seen a lot of unfortunate entity clear timings…
15. I believe that plugin was left out because of incompatibility. But I agree, if it’s possible it would be nice to see returned (just like the stats).
16. Oh how I miss making awesome armour stand dioramas
17. It’s just as precious as the armour stand plugin
18. Sure why not
19. I don’t really have an opinion on this one
20. I don’t really have an opinion on this one
21. Can live with that, not like anybody liked it
22. I didn’t know it was broken lol
23. I don’t really have an opinion on this one
24. Why not make manual labour 10 times as lucrative as sleeping while leaving your PC on?
25. I don’t really have an opinion on this one
26. Keep Kai, he’s doing a good job so far and he’s improving on his skills. Especially the back-end ones.

To end with, I want to thank you for putting time and effort into these suggestions. I hope you'll be able to see some of them in the reset!


I appreciate that you've reacted as a member of staff. It means a lot!

There should have been a suggestion number 27, but I've forgotten of it yesterday:
Could you bring back everyone's reward tokens that they haven't spent this season? Because I've been literally voting every day for over 3 months and I got over 2500 of them. I was meant to spend them on the spawners I'd be lacking after the entire dungeon is done, and it's now so sad to realize that I've been voting so much for nothing (I keep doing it, but on Skyblock).

Now, I'd like to deliver a few more points regarding some numbers:
10. Why would xph put PvP in the End in the first place? I just don't see any point in that. If there's a reason, just say so.
26. Whatever you say, you must know better. He just seems a bit lazy to me lol, no offense to him...
11. Again, I'm not really sure if the Aether is worth being brought back and that's why I said "consider", but I believe, PaxLionJax, tbi, and a few other guys I knew last season liked it and were building up huge bases with farms in there. They sure could have just built them in the sky in the Overworld, but they had chosen the Aether for some reason. It's just that I've been actually considering to build my whole kingdom in the Aether back in June and was a bit upset to hear it's gonna be removed this season. Although it wouldn't look too realistic to have a kingdom on a sky island, but in that case, I wouldn't have to TNT-mine an underground space for the dungeon which is about 2,5 million blocks in volume. It's essential...
22. Yes, it is. Only 1 voting site out of 7 gives rewards, number 2 in the /vote list. Please, fix it.
23. How can you not have an opinion when players don't get a single key every second day? It discourages them from voting a great deal, especially since most of the rewards are viewed as garbage by the majority. If, for example, 2 days ago you've only won 2k $, yesterday it was 10 stupid golden apples, and today you haven't even got a single key, you no longer even wanna waste your time voting, even if takes you 5 minutes. Many players, even if they vote, they just auction all the keys or put them on /ah for a price higher than real and make easy cash out of noobs who don't realize that most of the rewards are garbage.
Every time someone buys a reward key for 50k+, I always taunt them by saying "imagine winning 2k with that key" because it's really not worth it.
If you guys really wanna make maximum profit and make ALL the players vote and not just noobs who haven't yet realized it, you need to make it worth doing, by either raising the likelihood of keys or making prizes worth it. Because it feels like you don't even care that little to no players actually vote when you're supposed to encourage them all. There's no surprise the server's popularity falls because nobody even votes for it. I do vote every day, but most folks don't bother...

16. Great! Could you ask if it will be added and tell me? I'd like to know exactly!
24-25. This is actually the number 1 issue. There's nothing more important to solve than this so please, take it seriously! I only mentioned it in the end to avoid controversy.
Look, it doesn't matter how exactly you guys prevent the economic crisis from happening again next season, just do it! By any means necessary, whether it's the way I suggest or not. Please, just make sure that the story won't happen again and in 3 more months, you won't shrug again and say "oh no, most players are gone, how could anyone think, sorry, but we need another reset"... which will create a repeated circle of resets and lead to even more players quitting because nothing changes and resets happen this often so it's not even worth to build anything. If players lose their stuff all the time in resets, it will upset them furthermore so that even more of them quit forever.
Just make sure that the issue is solved and the season lasts for at least a year as it's supposed to. It's all that matters. Okay?

You'll retell most of it all to xph and ask what he thinks, right? Especially, 24-25. And could you reply about the armor stand plugin first of all? It's what I need myself the most! My catacombs are projected to be full of them! Thank you.


Survival Lord
Hi there,
Let me start off by stating that if I get informed on the reset, I am unlikely to be able to share it because of confidentiality. But rest assured I will personally forward this thread to 3D, Kai, and xph.

23: When I dive deeper into this case, which I admit, I didn't when responding the first time, I can see your point. On a side note, I must mention my total lack of economic insight and my lack of interest in it playing a role in me brushing it off so quickly. But back on topic, it would probably be for the better if we either got more keys or the rewards per key were upgraded. I personally tend to skew towards the former, because I am a bit nostalgic and I vaguely remember the good old times where we got loads of keys. Even if the rewards aren't great, getting free keys is fun!

As for number 24, once again I'm not an expert on the field so I'll leave this open for someone else to jump in and give their opinion.

Oh and yes, I think it would be fair if players retained at least some part of their reward tokens from this reset as a little compensation for the early reset, and all loss of progress that comes with it.


I am unlikely to be able to share it because of confidentiality.
Now that's a problem. But thank you so much for reading all of it again. It will be great indeed if you forward the thread to the rest of the staff to comment. If you have anything else to say, some objections, or more issues with all those ideas, go ahead!
If not, could you please ask xph if he could bring back armor stand statues and holograms? And if you're allowed to tell me his answer ofc.