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[KitPvP] Sumo Event



The ancient form of wrestling originated in Japan, spanning centuries, lost in the mists of time is brought back to you carrying the name Sumo.

We want to simulate that. Us, the KitPvP staff team, will host a Sumo tournament which will players compete in. The event will be held on September 7th, at 4:00 PM GMT +2.

Here is how
the tournament will go:
Players would be chosen to fight in order.
There will be 3 arenas in total:
First arena: "Underweight sumo wrestlers"
Every participant will get to fight an opponent in the first arena. Losers are considered disqualified. Amount of rounds obviously vary on the number of participants. In case we have 12 players, 6 rounds will be held and therefore 6 will be disqualified.
It will be best of 3. Once an individual reaches 2 wins against the opponent, they win.
Players in arena 1 will not get any buffs/debuffs.
Wrestlers are equipped with a Wooden Stick enchanted with KnockBack 1.

Winners pass onto stage 2, aka Arena 2.

Arena 2 wrestlers will have slowness 1, as they are 'drastically gaining weight' in order to participate in the second stage of the tournament.
Same rules apply.

Winners of that stage move onto the last final arena.
Losers are disqualified.
Final arena: "Overweight wrestlers"
Will include every stage 2 winner. This is when rules change.
You win by getting more points in rounds.
You get points by knocking other players off the arena. Basically an FFA between wrestlers with a total of 5 rounds.
Stage 3 wrestlers will be equipped with a knockback 1 stick and will have slowness 2.
Prizes will be awarded according to the spots wrestlers placed.

The wrestlers that made it to the top three will be rewarded as follows:

#3rd best wrestler will be awarded a fairly satisfying amount of 1500 coins and an Uncommon Crate Key. In addition, they will be rewarded with a 5 euros buy-craft coupon, that they could use to purchase anything they desire from our store.

#2 best wrestler who had barely almost made it to the very top will be granted a fitting amount of coins, which is 2300, and two Uncommon Crate Keys in-game. They also will get a 7.5 euro buy-craft coupon.

The mightiest of them all, the #1 wrestler will be awarded 3000 coins, one Uncommon Crate Keys, a Rare Crate Key, and a Custom Title! In addition to that, they will receive a 10-euro buy-craft coupon.

Do you consider yourself strong? Prove it and attend this tough tournament. Make the simulation work.
-The KitPvP staff team.

Please note that the capacity was set to 32 contestants, to avoid getting an odd number. If you are interested in joining, please send a DM that contains your IGN to kulrv#5168