[Factions] Ftop winners & prizes


Hello everyone, in this post i will make clear who won ftop and what prize they have won

Congratz to all winners

1. Northkorea:
Value: 1,268,354,290
Leader: SemBedrock
Prize: 200 euro shop voucher
2. Loyalty:
Value: 566,833,020
Leader: Ofek1213
Prize: 150 euro shop voucher
3. Japan:
Value: 147,702,410
Leader: SpinnMC
Prize: 100 euro shop voucher
4. Tyrant:
Value: 71,565,120
Leader: imsopro120
Prize: 50 euro shop voucher
5. Greekgods:
Value: 38,906,310
Leader: Kasiak420
Prize: 25 euro shop voucher

the shop vouchers will be handed out to the leaders in the next reset
good luck to everyone joining in

- EpicGodMC


Big Mood
gg to all factions which were involved - some impressive statistics god damn

~ xeph xo