[Anni] New Main Lobby!



Hello everyone,

As you may know, we have started our Main Lobby Revamp. This update will finally sync anni matches with the main lobby. I have announced more features on Discord; the most important one is probably Vote Crates.
You will be able to open Vote Crates by voting, although they will also be buyable for Clan Coins. We'll talk more about these later, but for now, you'll be able to open one atleast once every two days, and doing it regularly rewards you will daily free kits.

On the other hand, Verang (@iHasShadowHD) and Shazil have brought us a completely new Anni Main Lobby!

Special thanks to these amazing builders!
Please leave feedback!
@iHasShadowHD @shazil


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cus changing the lobby is gonna bring back everyone back isn't it