1. DeathBlade27

    Prison Server Is Dead

    Hello guys, First i want to say this is my own opinion don't be angry on me. I think the prison server is dead, because there is not good buy shop and sell shop, People do hard work to get even money for something it takes long time. I want to buy p4 armor set, nobody sells. Strength potion...
  2. E

    [Factions:Original] Permission to set shop/public warp

    Having played other SMPs in the past as well as GC(for the past 2 days) I often grow weary of the town shop. Often, prices set there are hardly competitive, a stark contrast to servers with personal shops. I suggest that GC provides players the ability to set shops, perhaps through a...
  3. Folto

    [Survival] Player-Warps

    Player-Warps... What i mean ? Now and then i (as many of us did) have ran across some crazy ppl who have build something really awesome. Sometimes we just befriended these ppl and have the chance to take a glimpse of their work. And other times we find their projects by pure luck while...