1. lukonce

    New kit-Miner ?

    Hello,i wanna intruduce the new kit miner i will send screen shots and explain all about him no more chatting lets get to the explanation. Miner-so miner has a back story this kit was created by me so i can tell you what hes back story is. Miner was lonely in his child hood he had no friends but...
  2. N


    could someone plese lite my portal?? ilagalot
  3. N

    moushroom spawner changed into pig spawner

    my moushroom spawner changed into a pig spawner help!!
  4. RpgZombieCM

    My Mooshroom spawner turned into a Pig spawner

    Yesterday i got a mooshroom spawner i think it was somewhere between 8 and 9 pm CET from the votecrate. Fast forward to 00:30 CET i built a mooshroom/cow grinder to grind mooshrooms and to get mushroom stew and i place down my Mushroom spawner and it says i placed down a pig spawner and it...
  5. Scar

    Trapped chest is not placeable

    What type of bug: You can't place trapped chest Server: Skyblock Arena (If possible): meh Date and time: meh Visual information(If possible): meh
  6. TicoMico

    Island restarts

    I already restarted my island twice, and it says I can not restart it anymore. What should I do? I want to play more. :( @boiboi97 @DutchxFanaticZz @parle @Melon333 @Jack20 @Thekillermatic @kachun
  7. TheOgNoltie

    Lagged Out in OpPrison PvPing

    I was in opprison at the time 20:11 when i lagged out outta nowhere, i am now jailed for 1 day, and i lost my Hell Of Ice III sword. When i lagged out i was in combat. Could you guys please free me out of the jail in opprison. And give me my hell of ice 3 with sharp 50 back. Thank you for...
  8. Hussen7777

    Please help my money just gone i dont know how [skyblock] please help me

    y before the server down i was playing faction and i voted and when skyblock go back again i went to skyblock then my money just 7.5k :'( please help i was had 2mil i didnt bought any spawner or any thing :( @parle @UchihaSamy
  9. shayanbhai

    Cant Connect To servers

    I can login to the guildcraft its also sends me in the Lobby but i cant connect to any of the servers. I usually Play Survival and Skyblock i Do /server survival but I cant go in the survival i even waited in lobby for a Long time but couldnt go in any of the servers Can u Admins Do anything...
  10. hiccups1234

    SkyBlock - All Villagers Disappeared

    Type of bug: Villager Bug. Server: Skyblock Date and Time: 2/24/2017 Idk time Visual information: Link : http://imgur.com/a/wQ2b6 So this is what happened In Skyblock I went AFK For 20Sec Just to eat 1 ChikenNugget ( ps : it was tasty ) And then I went to check back on the Villagers For...
  11. Giavani


    Name of offender: Mcgameris Name of offense: Hacking (kill-Aura and No-knockback) Server: Skyblock Date and time: Yesterday at approx. 5:15Pm Evidence: Video, you will have to pm me if you have discord and I'll send it there or skype i sent the video to @DutchxFanaticZz but I need to make a...
  12. kachun

    Warp kill

    Name of offernder: BreyHD And creeeeperYT Name offence: Is warp lava spawn kill Server :Skyblock Time 30-1-2016 (GMT+1) 20:24 Evidence As you can see you spawn in a hole with him hitting me with wlava, and in the chat u see i warped there. And u can also see mroe people who are victimised by this
  13. kachun

    Jesus christ why

    Name of offender: xXcreeperspawnXx Name of offense: (For me) extreme Swearing Server: Skyblock Date and time: 12-1-2017 (GMT+1) Evidence:
  14. kachun

    Ban evade

    Name of offender: GorgiThatCoolGuy (Main account:Gorgi123s) Name of offense: Ban evade after being perm banned Server: Skyblock Date and time: The time i read this mail was 26-11-2016 19:07 (GMT+1) Evidence:
  15. TriniAlen

    Zelotez His Blatant AutoSoup and Triggerbot Report

    Look Closely At his health throughout the whole vid its always at 8,9,10 And I'm pretty sure that's autosoup and he is toggling his triggerbot in the slow motion parts.
  16. _zaid161_

    Way Dont add/unclime For all ?

    1 For all admin add /unclime For all plyar ples
  17. Skillstorm

    Finally PERMBanned,and nothing can be done so cya

    I played the server for year and a half and there on the kitpvp server i met a lot of friends that i cant tag them all , i was playing anni and potion pvp sometimes , however it was good time to play on gc... Cya guys <3 (I was hoping this thread will ever be written, so sad) Tag more to see...
  18. PandaaGaming

    Eggwars Anti-Knockback & Killaura

    Name of offender: xXXX_King_XXXx Name of offense: Anti-Knockback & Killaura Server: Eggwars (wasteland) Date and time: july 5 / 2:20am (philippine time) Evidence:
  19. vincentpham21

    [Faction Original] Kill Aura

    Name of offender: Raze_PvP Name of offense: Kill Aura Server: Faction Original Date and time: June 16,2016 9:33 Evidence:
  20. SteveThatCoolGuy

    [SB] Serious adv / mute evading

    Name of offender: FastFireMan, GamerLlvllreddie Name of offense: Alt abuse / mute evading Server: skyblock Date and time: 6/2 9~57 am to 10~13 am hongkong time Evidence: http://imgur.com/a/NXPem This guy is noob lmao