1. TheAveragePlayer

    Skyblock Chat Troll & Spam

    Name of offender: Portokalakis Name of offense: Chat Troll & Spam Server: Skyblock Date And Time: GMT+8 23rd April 2017 Evidence:
  2. TheAveragePlayer

    Chat Troll and Flood and Spam (Skyblock)

    Name of offender: Portokalakis Name of offense:Chat Troll and Spam Name of offender: Tray90 Name of offense: Flooding Server:Skyblock Date and time: 7:16 GMT+8 22 april 2017
  3. candr

    [Survival] Chat Trolling

    Name of offender: Kidifi Name of offense: Chat troll using colored chat (not sure if it's mutable but it's darn annoying). He did it more times. I took just this screenshot as proof. (this is not /msg) Server: Survival Date and time: 1:12 - 20.02.2016 Evidence:
  4. skyfishsan

    ANNI KIT: Suicide

    Anni Kit: Suicide Bomber Xp cost : 10k xp Items: full leather, normal wood tools, TNT (kit item) Skill: Right click the TNT to kill yourself and destroy anything 4 blocks away from you, and deals 6 hearts to enemies. Pros: Destroy walls and sky bridges. Cons: Suicide