1. Caprioara

    [Survival] 60 euros (Huge Offer)

    Hello guys, I would like to buy 60 euros for God to Titan rank in survival. My offer is : -27mil (27.000.000 $ in game money) -1000 lc (legacy coints) -1 Obsidian Axe -1 double chest of Mending books -1 double chest of Thorns III books -1 double chest of Sweeping Edge III books -1 chest of Aqua...
  2. kikochazk

    faction original buying title ( 1.5 euro ) for op offer

    buying title in faction original for op offer in faction original 300k sword sharpness 6 unb 4 and burning 2 iv set 1 zombie spawner 2 spider spawner 1 sword sharpness 5 burning 2 waiting your replies
  3. iCrawler

    Survival Rank Gone??

    Yesterday I logged into GuildCraft and I went to survival. I saw that my titan rank was gone. I had items from the donateshop in my /chest 1 and /chest 2 but I can't even use that anymore. I got a rank now wich is called "particles"?? When will this get fixed. And what will happen if I don't...
  4. forswornlad

    DEAL CLOSED, please delete post

    I am trading for all Factiondimension /redeemperks and kits from titan rank. This is what im willing to trade, 463 DiaBlocks 49 Dia ore 28 Gapples (Voteshop) 3 sets of IV (Godgear 5 Voteshop (one is voteshop+) [Voteshop bought armor (except the leggings)Helm (Voteshop+Mending)...
  5. wss10

    Lost my /redeemperks in Factions Dimensions

    I was online in factions dimensions and I executed /redeemperks. About an hour later, the server had a roll back. I had put the diamond blocks and obsidian from my redeemperks in my enderchest but when I came back after the roll back they were gone. Somehow I still had my 750k from the...
  6. medeiros

    [Prison] Prestige 1 upgrade

    p1 in prison is ridiculous 25mil and all u can buy is redstone and some cobby wall that noone wants? what is the point? I suggest selling something of use that we can make money from :)
  7. medeiros

    [Prison] Selling Titan lvl5 Pick

    20mil or best offer for T5 Redtag. offer below!
  8. Benzy

    [Prison] Titan Pick lvl 5 for 20 euros! (Cheap)

    Im buying 20 euros If you are intrested pm me
  9. M

    /donateshop pay

    Hello, Today, i'm here to propose an idea which has been in my mind as well as other GuildCrafters minds too. It's the /donateshop pay! /donateshop pay allows a player to transfer donatecoins from their account to another players account FOR THAT RESET. This is an incredibly useful idea as...