1. warMcahine

    Unarmed and disarmed

    I have noticed that players are using high unarmed mcmmo levels to pvp at the new pvp arena which ofc is unfair and kills the fun i mean with 1 hit with the fist drains a heart and disarmed a red titan bow and notice that im in full red titan gear
  2. Kenmitsuki

    Mobile Players in Survival server.

    You guys are guessing why i suggest this specially i know some admins and Staffs will not allowed this since the server is for cracked/Premium PC only but i really want to play with the guys Paxlionjax Mig_Ful_Crum and even the whole players of survival server my PC motherboard is broken that's...
  3. TheVioletMind

    Why removing the Aether on Survival?

    I've been planning on building my new castle and dungeons in there next season. I was pretty upset when found out it's gonna be removed with the reset on Survival. I'd just like to know why. Why can't we keep it?
  4. Reaper0503

    Survival's Easter Event

    The bunnies have come out to play and are bringing some games to Survival. Survival's Easter Event Sunday 12th April, 2020 @ 2pm GMT Games will include- Egg Hunt Slime Run Forbidden Forest Maze Egg Painting All games will earn points which will be tallied for the grand prize winner. 1st- 5...
  5. AlirezaRCH

    How to earn more money!

    Hi every one, im playing about a year or two, but i dont know how to earn more money. Im confused what to do, I wanna make money to buy Eur and then buy ranks :) If anyone can help or teack how to make more money please DM here. FireTanic <3
  6. Reaper0503


    The time is upon us. The content update you have all been asking for is coming to Survival! On Friday 7th February @ 7 PM UTC we will be releasing the much awaited update. Downtime for this update will last between 1-2 hrs to ensure all the new features are fully operational. Look forward to...
  7. EmmyVsEmm

    Get to know me...

    Hello! My name is Emma, as some players will already know. Some of you hate me, despise me and loathe me, however some of you also love me, like me for who I am and support me. You may be familiar with my Minecraft username, EmmyVsEmm. Don't be afraid to say "hi" in-game if you see me... I've...
  8. Reaper0503

    Survival Christmas Event - 14th December (4pm GMT)

    Christmas is coming to Survival with a special event hosted by The Deadly Snakes. On Saturday 14th of December at 4pm GMT join us at /pwarp DeadlyHamlet for some fun games and prizes. Postponed until the 21st of December, 2019 @3pm GMT Games will include: -Scavenger hunt -Snowball shooter -Ice...
  9. T

    1.14 - 1.14.4 flight kicks

    if you are playing on any version that is 1.14 - 1.14.4 you will be kicked by anti cheat for apparent fly hacks
  10. doratops

    Suggestion: Sell Stick.

    Lovely readers, I would proudly present the item i would like to see added to the survival server. Introduction Most of the hardcore players, playing on survival are trying to get high in the top of the economy system (personally not my favorite aspect of the game :p, but thats a suggestion...
  11. Anak1n098

    Survival: In-Game Private/Global/Party Radio

    Hello, I'm Anak1n098 and I'm here to suggest a new Survival Update! May I present you the "In-Game Private/Global/Party Radio"! This In-Game Radio can be used by everyone. It can play any music using Youtube Links and plays music on Global Queue, Private Queue and Party Queue. -Private Radio...
  12. CaptNeptune

    [Survival] Buying 2 Euroes (Donator)

    *Trade has been done* Offering: 1x Titan Helmet 1x Titan Chestplate 1x Titan Leggings 1x Titan Boots 1x Titan Sword 1x Titan Bow 1x Titan Axe 1x Titan Pickaxe 1x Titan Shovel 1x Battleset Helmet 1x Battleset Chestplate 1x Battleset Leggings 1x Battleset Boots 1x Battleset Sword 1x Battleset...
  13. K

    Survival Suggentions

    So i got a few suggestions for survival reset. * please add spawners to shop so we dont have to tp to warp spawners to get em *secondly add redstone stuff to the stop like repeaters, comparators and that sorta stuff * and last but the most important in my opinion please add regenerating biome...
  14. Develter

    A Survival Suggestion

    After every Reset the world should be released for free download on the forums.
  15. Develter

    [Survival] Insane lag

    When I join Survival and wait for it to load in and try to move around, there is insane amounts of lag, I joined Factions and there was no lag, either someone made a insane redstone clock or there is something wrong with Survival.
  16. Abhishn09

    [Survival] Buying 12 Euros for 50 Million Igm

    Buying 12 euros for 50 million ingame money in [Survival] IGN:- abhishn09 Thankyou :)
  17. Tebyazer

    [Survival] Buying 40 Euros

    IGN:Tebyazer Buying: God to Titan Upgrade... Offer: 40M in game Cash 5Slime Spawners Trade Via any Admin!! Thankyou
  18. OmartiPlayzs

    Heads For decoration

    Hello GuildCraft, I have an idea of a nice feature that can be added to the survival server. The idea is to add player heads that have a shape of a certain item or thing, for example : a player head with a shape of a book (like the book that represents the rules warp after typing the command ''...
  19. nameless02

    buying 4 euros

    BUYING 4 euros for 8 mil on survival best offer yet
  20. doratops

    Experience crates

    I seen this in a video on youtube from another server, but i really liked the idea. As at one point i never have a use for experience anymore and it just stacks up. It could be nice and applied in most server versions :). Experience crates How it works with 50/100/200/300 exp. you can buy a key...