1. D

    silk on spawners

    im not sure why this is happening to me but yesterday i tried to silk touch my 6 skelly spawners and the chat said it broke however nothing dropped. i checked everywhere and there was no entity clear. it also happened again to me today with my cow spawners.
  2. Iftach

    Tradeing Slime SPAWNERS for Iron Golem Spawner SKY BLOCK

    if you want to trade with me iron golem spawner for slime spawner My Offer: 6 Slime Spawner for Iron golem spawner if you want another offer tell me
  3. Bigboss1579

    Do Iron Golem spawners work/ How do pigman spawners work?

    On the factions server, we have an iron golem spawner that does not seem to spawn any iron golems at all, as well as a pigman spawner that instantly converted to a zombie spawner when we placed it. Any help is appreciated.
  4. V

    Creeper or Pigman Spawner

    What is worth the money, Pigman Spawner or Creeper Spawner?
  5. Thijs_Griifin

    Breaking Spawners in surival

    I have had some moments in Surival that i reclaimed someones land because i need the ground or other reasons. but there will always be that 1 spawner that cant be removed because another player placed it... so i would suggest that spawners placed by players can be removed. So you could place...
  6. I

    Buying €1.25

    I'm buying €1.25 for the title #420BlazeIt on faction dimension. I'm offering 150k, 1 creeper spawner, 1 blaze spawner, 1 enderman spawner on server faction dimension.
  7. P

    spawners in survival

    we should be able to silk touch spawners that we find in survival
  8. PatrikFeller

    Selling euros [FACTION ORG ONLY]

    Yes if you read the title , im selling euros. FACTION OFFERS ONLY I prefer in game money / spawners But i will consider every deal. Ill follow you if im interested.