1. xph11

    [SkyBlock] The Official Reset!

    Yesssss! SkyBlock reset is FINALLY here! And yes, it's 1.16.1! Here are some stuff you can expect in the new reset: • The server will be based on 1.16.1 • You can join with 1.12 - 1.16.1 clients • PvP will still be in 1.8.9 style (aka no hit cooldown) • New Supreme rank like on Survival •...
  2. Movitovi

    World download

    Hello, I used to be an avid player, with VIP rank. I played mostly on skyblock. Every time there is a reset it's sad to see our islands go forever. I was wondering if there is any way players could download the worlds before resets. For me it would be the world around 2015. That's assuming...
  3. _Asuna_Weeb_

    How to use custom Title?

    Hi there people! Im about to buy a Title for skyblock but I don't know how to use it because its gonna be a custom Title. I would love somebody to reply on this thread and help me out Bye!
  4. _Asuna_Weeb_

    Need help how to use a prefix

    I don't know how to use prefix commands can somebody help?
  5. _Asuna_Weeb_

    How to open Tokens shop in skyblock?

    I need help for opening the tokens shop in skyblock because for some reason it doesn't work and hopefully somebody knows how to fix it or do it!
  6. kareem_2000

    Buying 12 Euros in skyblock

    Hello, im trading money and items for 12 euros in skyblock (Legend to Demi-God), the following is the stuff im offering for the trade: 27 million 500 tokens 2 horse spawners 2 cow spawners Autosmelt III 10% success dust 24 Vote keys 1 Uncommon key 7 Titan boots 2 Titan leggings 3 Titan chest...
  7. Ultramutrix

    Buying 17.50 Euros on Skyblock (My offer)

    Buying rankup (Demigod to God :17.50€) Offering 40,000,000$ + 500 tokens + x2 creeper and witch spawner
  8. Ultramutrix

    Buying euro [Skyblock]

    Legend rank to Demi God (10.50$) Im buying this upgrade in Skyblock For offers and finding a deal pm me or find in my in sb server ( Im online all the time xD) Discord: Leguiza#1447 Im mainly finding a seller, If you are, feel free to contact me, got good stuff to pay for those 10.5 eur
  9. Ultramutrix

    Suggestion for next reset [Vote token reward]

    For next reset, tokens should get more valuable, voting should not give 5 tokens. Legend rank gives 400 tokens, and someone can get up to 20 tokens daily, so 20 days of voting is enough to get what a payable rank as legend gives. 1 token per vote should be good, or it can be removed, time ago...
  10. IntingCamille

    Listed Suggestions for Next Reset

    For Vote Crates/Voting Instead of getting exp from server, get exp bottles instead Upgradable Vote Keys Give temporary fly for voting Change Vote Party rewards For Island Add island fly toggle on/off Add island borders Add spawner island value Add spawner stacking For Kits Allow players to...
  11. kareem_2000

    Suggestion for next reset

    Hello, I think it would be a good idea to enable players to be able to go to the end in the next reset, would open up more opportunities and blocks for players. For example, the Elytra, it should be an item available in /ls or /rs but for a really expensive price.
  12. kareem_2000

    Token trade

    For the next reset, tokens should be tradable through /trade, would make things much easier, and would make the chances of getting scammed much lower as well.
  13. A

    [SKYBLOCK] trading 2 euros for:( update #3)

    - 1 slime spawner - 4 cow spawners - 3 pig spawner - 3 million -10 beacons - 2 titan axe - 2 complete battle set msg me in game or comment if you interested Edit :- 100 token (daily increase) Edit :- 4m Edit :- - 6 beacons Edit #2 : 1- 256 Emerald blocks 2- 100 diamond...
  14. Gerlinee

    Hello :)

    Hello guys, My name is Gerline and I started playing Minecraft again after a few years. I'm from the Netherlands :) Im currently playing a lot on Skyblock and already made friends :) Soo if you see me on Skyblock, just say hi :) See you soon! :) Gerline\Gerlinee
  15. nameless02

    Buying euros on skyblock Op offer

    Buying 4 euros for: 4 M ingame money Add me on discord if interested: Tragedy#2281
  16. general550

    Lost reward tokens on skyblock

    What type of bug: Lost reward tokens Server: Skyblock Arena (If possible): / Date and time: Around 3 PM CET (30 mins before this post) Visual information(If possible): I bought a legendary enchant book and a glowing 1 book from /rewardshop, but I only got the legendary book The glowing 1 book...
  17. Potato_Kween

    My Island is no longer my island???

    T-T So i have an island i share with my friend and suddenly he got kicked out of the party,then i cant do /is go it says i have no island. I still have my island level. No staff are ever online to help me solve the problem pls help! I can still place and break things though.
  18. doratops

    Experience crates

    I seen this in a video on youtube from another server, but i really liked the idea. As at one point i never have a use for experience anymore and it just stacks up. It could be nice and applied in most server versions :). Experience crates How it works with 50/100/200/300 exp. you can buy a key...
  19. jakey1995abc

    Server IP that goes directly to SkyBlock

    Does anyone know if there is a server IP to go straight to the skyblock server, skipping past the hub? For some reason the hub is causing my game to crash whenever I join the server :(
  20. Ultramutrix

    [Skyblock] I got out of island creates.

    Im not sure about the limit, actually i think is 1, some days ago i sold my island to someone and i wanted to create a new one and i cant do it, may i get my island create reset? i cant make an island right now. Thanks. -ultra