1. Rockonbrad

    Skin won't update/server doesn't see me as premium

    I logged in a few days ago and put in "/skin update" as directed, but keep getting an error. I thought it would sort itself out in a few days like I've seen on the forums but this hasn't worked either. after typing "/skin update", the image shows what comes up.
  2. camEEla_cabeYo

    How to change your Premium Skin fast

    Well, I have been asked how I was able to change my Premium Minecraft Skin so fast, and how I didn't look like a Steve/Alex because of /skin update. Well, this is my secret :3 *NOTE: THIS ONLY SHOULD WORK FOR PREMIUM MINECRAFT USERS*
  3. Kris19275

    [Tutorial] How to Change your Skin in Cracked Minecraft

    Hello there, here's a small tutorial how to change your skin in Minecraft. I did not found this out myself, i found it on youtube, so I'm going to share it here with you. (If you already know for this please don't post rude comments please.) 1. Go to and register. 2. When...
  4. samuel oteng

    Capes & Skins In GC Shop

    I think an addition of paid Skins in the store would be awesome. I dont really like the skins available for free. Also since im a cracked user i would definitely buy the skins, and im sure many other players would agree. I know that not everyone is a cracked player, but most would love this...
  5. EmoScenePvp

    Cant use Premium Skin

    I recently bought prem mc, and when i do /skin update, it says im not a premium user, but i am. i really want my premium skin on GC so please help. IGN: EmoScenePvp
  6. Matt1275

    help me with skins!

    So about 1 hour ago i bought premium, so i need help! How do i get/make a skin? hope you guys can help me!
  7. iCe_DaNoSH

    First time on server, have a different skin. [MC PREMIUM]

    I read something about custom skins and cracked people being able to have a different skin, however it's my first time on this server and I seem to have a different skin than my own. I'm pretty sure that this is my first time on this server and I can't remember ever doing something with...
  8. lolplayer657

    Custom Skins

    HI! i wanna say, that I LOVE THIS SERVER! it never have let me down! but one thing tho, i recently made a skin of my own and it really looks cool, and i was wondering if you guys can add custom skins to the server, cuz one of a few reasons, i dont like how the skins are random, and i really dont...