1. I

    i can't login to the server

    it will not let me register or login to the server plz help me?
  2. theerapak

    [Prison] /baltop go too slow

    Yes, it's very disgusting to wait like a minute to see that what's my balance position ***THIS THREAD MAYBE VERY LONG*** So first, I go out seeing that /baltop is in what plugin. I searched Google and finded that it's in plugin called "essentials" then, I enter Github and lookup for the...
  3. KohGeek

    [Server Wide] Banned Redstones

    As we all know, redstone clock and hopper are banned. Probably something more too. For the first one, redstone clock, it doesn't surprise me that it is banned. This isn't a 10 person server. It's a extensive 2000+ person server. It can be allowed provided that the user light it up correctly...