1. Maestr0XD

    (semi-vanilla )Nicktron hacks

    Name of offender: Nicktron Name of offense: auto crits Server:semi-vanillla Date and time: 06/10/2016 Evidence: Tagging: @aelarmaly @Jessicaaa808
  2. Maestr0XD

    Hello guys!

    Hey everyone , im new in this website ! But i am not new on the server :D My nickname is maestroXD I like to play on semi-vanila with my friends ;) I have 14 years old and i am Portuguese (but i can speak english very well) See you on the server;):D
  3. jonni


    name of offender : valgameres offense: swearing server: semi-vanilla date and time: just now evidence: see below
  4. lolwarmaze

    World Download after Resets

    So I have been thinking about this idea and I also believe that many players will agree to this. Since Survival and semi vanilla will soon be reset, it would be great if Guildcraft could make the current world to be available for download after the reset. Some people may want to keep their...
  5. H


    Chat spam by CrowHD
  6. N

    Stuck in Nether Portal

    Hello, I'm having trouble with Nether Portals on the Semi-Vanilla server. First I tried creating my own Nether Portal, but it kept leading me to a locked, claimed room, so I couldn't access the Nether. I tried rebuilding my portal far away, but it wasn't enough and it kept taking me to the...
  7. RealityJ

    Hey Everyone :)

    Hey guys! I'm RealityJ but a lot of people call me RJ. I'm kind of new to the forums and thought I would post a small about me here! I joined GC a couple months ago and so far, I am loving it very much :) I mostly play in Prison however, I also like playing in Creative, Survival and some...