1. J

    Iron Golem Spawner scam.

    Name of seller and possibly scammer J_S_T Sold bad IG spawner. Factions server. May 26 5:00 PM EST. So I bought an IG spawner from /ah from J_S_T for 700,000k and I go to place it and it did not work and I got this MSG "Couldn't connect to database to save owner of spawner!" This may vary...
  2. T

    Scamming Rank

    Name of offender: Certiinc Name of offense: Scammed Server: "Prison" Guildcraft Date and time: 8:04 PM Evidence: on ScreenShot
  3. R

    Jammaers Scamed me

    my username is JAckTheRIP jammaers scammed me cause he asked me to make my is part so bscialy 4 platfroms with a giagntic ring around and he said he will give me 12k and when i strate he gave me 6k and at the end he gave me 2k and said he use 4k for the wood thna he said im not paying the 4k and...
  4. V

    Scamming in Skyblock

    Scamming in skyblock xXSadieCXx and Psycho69
  5. T

    Scammer in Factions

    Name of offender: Kris19275 Name of offense: Scamming Server: Factions Date and time: 11/october/2016 Evidence: description : this player posts trip wire hooks as vote keys to trick players into buying them and actually iwas from the few who bought these thinking they...
  6. Purple_Ninja2

    Tommyplaymc scammed me

    Name of offender: Tommyplaymc Name of offense: Money Scam Server: Survival Date and time: 2-17-2016 10:40-10:51 Evidence: i have screenshots further details: okay so he said he's selling 6 diamond blocks for 5000$ he said pay first, and so i did then after that he gave me the blocks of...
  7. Abhishn09

    I Got Scammed

    Name Of Offender: ZinedineZidane Name Of Offence: Scam Server: Survival Date and Time: 08/01/2016 23:30 Evidence: Screenshots attached So he offerred me to buy vip rank for me For: 24 stacks of quartz blocks, 10 stacks of blaze rods, 3 diamond horse armor, 4 gold horse armor, 2 iron horse armor...
  8. P


    I was on prison and a scammer called kevin_playz_mc said he was selling golden apples for free so I went to investigate. There was another player there too. What went into our inventory was 3 Golden Nuggets. I don't have enough money to pay the cb1 cell rent because these 3 Nuggets charged us...
  9. P

    DemonicGirl the Scammer in SkyGrid

    She scammed me for my house and my stuff the picture
  10. K

    Report Player On SkyBlock

    Hey, Im Kevin (Minecraft Username: One2nd2Death) and I got scammed by: CrazyBoysNL. I needed to buy a spider eye because i had a villager zombie, so i wanted to make a potion of weakness. I asked in the chat. then I saw someone from my country named: CrazyBoysNL. I tp'ed to him and asked for...