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  1. xph11

    [Prison] New reset!

    Hey everyone! It's finally time for the prison reset you've all been waiting for, and this reset will mark the opening of the guildcraft resets season! Over the next few weeks, all 4 main servers - Prison, Survival, SkyBlock, and Creative, will reset! We have worked hard on this Prison reset...
  2. xph11

    [SkyBlock] New reset!

    Hello everyone! It's been a long while, but we are now starting to get back on track and move forward, and we are happy to announce our new SkyBlock reset to start with! Here is some of stuff you will see in this reset: ---------- ✤ ---------- Reset will be based on Minecraft 1.16.5 (Will be...
  3. A

    Will the Delta reset also reset the map?

    Here, Im asking if the Survival Delta will be reset so please if you know inform me
  4. xph11

    [SkyBlock] The Official Reset!

    Yesssss! SkyBlock reset is FINALLY here! And yes, it's 1.16.1! Here are some stuff you can expect in the new reset: • The server will be based on 1.16.1 • You can join with 1.12 - 1.16.1 clients • PvP will still be in 1.8.9 style (aka no hit cooldown) • New Supreme rank like on Survival •...
  5. TheVioletMind

    Why removing the Aether on Survival?

    I've been planning on building my new castle and dungeons in there next season. I was pretty upset when found out it's gonna be removed with the reset on Survival. I'd just like to know why. Why can't we keep it?
  6. P


  7. Omgitslogicツ

    Faction Reset

    Hi, I'm making this post regarding the reset of factions. @aXed Can you please reset factions already, its been so long that factions has not been reset and I really want to play it already. Can you give me an estimate date of when will factions reset? I'm on holiday break (3 weeks off of...
  8. iekw2

    Prison reset

    HI Guuys when is the PRISON RESET?
  9. B

    I forgot...

    Alright I made my password spam something like werwmcrrei when I first joined. So I was playing Guild Craft and I left for a day or two. Now it says I need to enter password... I forgot my password. Is there any way I could reset my password on the server?
  10. ahmad2000

    /Kit Keys Cooldown In The Faction!!

    Hi @Everyone @Adro @Martin1 @Elise1886 @aXed As known the Kit Keys it has been added to the SHOP, and this is the newest kit and it's amazing kit, and it's cooldown {7 days } it's certainly a Fair time in all servers except these servers... Faction Also Faction And Also Faction Because as...
  11. Develter

    A Survival Suggestion

    After every Reset the world should be released for free download on the forums.
  12. Elise1886

    [Prison] Reset

    Time: 21:00 CET Yes everyone, the long awaited prison reset is finally here. There have been some major and minor changes this reset. Now onto the changes, Reworked Legacy and Reward Shops The legacy and reward shops have been reworked. We're using the same system we used for Skyblock but we...
  13. FlamingPyro

    Faction Reset?

    I'd like to inquire about the exact date of the reset for factions? If no definite answer can be provided then maybe an estimated time?
  14. C

    My lost xp?

    So over a year ago, a long time ago. I bought 100k xp on the store and used it for annihaltion kits of course. But now I dont have it anymore I know there was a reset but Im wondering if Im supposed to get that xp back or what the deal is. plz help!
  15. mistershooterguy

    Warzone "PVP Bases" Reset 2k19

    Hey all, Shooter here I have an idea for the Warzone for the next reset, I hope you can relate to what i'm about to say (DL; DR down below!) History on Warzone (From my perspective) I was a very active member when obsidian wasn't breakable yet, and to be honest, i miss those days. Raiding...
  16. aXed

    SkyGrid Reset

    Date & Time: RELEASED The following changes have/ will be made New spawn New PVP arena New PVP mine Achievements Achievement store Complete replacement of Essentials, changes to commands such as: /list, /baltop ,/msg and more New calculation for the Grid New store /shop New auction system...
  17. aXed

    SkyBlock - Reset

    New adventure in the sky is coming Date & Time: 17 November 20:00 CET The following changes have been made Added upgrade-able generators Changed the Island Menu Major rework of /shop Spawners now merge with each other (Of the same type) Added the possibility of upgrading your island Added the...
  18. RpgZombieCM

    Just reset already ok?

    All my friend have been offline for literally more than a month, Adro hasn't been active for 20 days, no one over is level 1000 has anything to do, Vyrim was just offline for 6 hours a - record i think. So ples restart skyblock it is just so boring. All i do is listen to music and fly around my...
  19. Dom2126

    Returning player coming back for Faction Reset LF faction.

    I'm coming back for the faction reset, I love to grind, build walls PvP, I don't raid much but love taking care of the base. I have the rank Elite and I'm just looking for a top tier faction that could find use in me.
  20. _WitherKingHD

    Quiting untill next reset

    I think we can all agree that facs is kinda dead , no one pvp's/raids ,mods mute for the dumbest reasons and admins cant even check my forum reports of 4 days old, triggers me just a little bit. So ive decided to quit for the remainder of this season , might still see me for koths , pvp...