1. warMcahine

    Unarmed and disarmed

    I have noticed that players are using high unarmed mcmmo levels to pvp at the new pvp arena which ofc is unfair and kills the fun i mean with 1 hit with the fist drains a heart and disarmed a red titan bow and notice that im in full red titan gear
  2. Germanode

    AntiCheat bug on top of the PvP blue house

    Type of bug: Anticheat Server:Survival Arena: World PvP - On top of the blue house/tent Date and Time: Dec. 14, 2018 Visual information: Don't have. Forgot to record at the time o_O. This odd bug happened to me and jsu2 when Jacky20 was hitting us with his sword (Probably the ultra...
  3. mistershooterguy

    Warzone "PVP Bases" Reset 2k19

    Hey all, Shooter here I have an idea for the Warzone for the next reset, I hope you can relate to what i'm about to say (DL; DR down below!) History on Warzone (From my perspective) I was a very active member when obsidian wasn't breakable yet, and to be honest, i miss those days. Raiding...
  4. Grawell

    Bring back this fantastic modality!

    Today I was looking for youtube when from one second to another I suggested a video of Huahwi titled "Minecraft UHC Highlights # 1: Choose your battles wisely", I saw it and memories of 2 years ago when playing UHC with my friends came to mind. Friends on this server and they ask me "why not...
  5. R3D_G3KKO

    Factions PVP EVENT?!!??!!??!?

    We need a damn pvp event, the last one I remember was by @AsyFrost when he made a factions pvp event and it was lit af but I didn't get to participate. There may have been more pvp events after this, but lets be honest; do we have frequent pvp events. Ok just to clarify, by PvP events I don't...
  6. Zeiber

    How to do an team mach whitout wooden sword.

    do /duel duel (name) (name) (name) (name) and so on till your satisfied with the player cound and everybody has to accept and you have to choose the gamemode. youre happy now?
  7. Zeiber

    suGGestionez Suggestions

    1: Add Partys and team battles in thos partis? 2:Instead of not allowing to hit someone when the anticheat thincks that your using killaura just kick the ''suspect'' and call the round draw with no looses to both sides and no reduction in the ranked maches you can play. This is something that...
  8. TheVgaming

    (Possible Gamemode) MinecraftKnownBattleground or MKB

    Alright i'm back again this time i will suggest a gamemode the name is MinecraftKnownBattleground or MKB or you can suggest the name in the comment bellow. So let's get in to it. Map The map can be like 10 small town and there will be a big town in middle of the map and some few military base...
  9. StevePXL

    PvP , mining, warps

    My suggestion is next reset i wish u can make /warp pvp better (probs this times) pvp has been laggy af and many people cant pvp properly .. if u can make it smaller it would be better and ofc about the mine in the /warp pvp(now) you can make /warp mine that have a good ore generation. All are...
  10. i_AmBob


    Alright, it's yah boi thealmightysuggestor back with another suggestion, but this time its big. I want to introduce a game called PVP Warfare. Feel free to drop a comment on how to improve this suggestion including everything and anything. Really, I'm not joking...
  11. M

    Flying and Tpakilling in pvp skyblock

    His ingame name is: Left_4Dead He's flying in PVP on skyblock using it as an adventage + tpa-killing several other people under false promises like "tpa to me and i'll give you a good sword"
  12. kikochazk

    faction (just4pvp)

    i need members to my faction my name kikohazk we need 2 farmer 2 builder 5 pvper if you want join post your name and what your work (farmer or builder or pvper or other works ) in reply thanks :):eek:;)o_O:cool:
  13. alifrikha

    Iphantom is a unrespectfull player :

    actually i was played against a player called i phantomHD or something i killed him i guess .. the this happened : i swear im not troliling u ! this a real one ..
  14. MrTab

    PracticePvP - Spamming report

    Name of offender: DoritosGames Name of offense: PM Spam Server: PracticePvP Date and time: 2016-10-05 // 20:40 Evidence: check the image
  15. Hyperxxir

    [Practice and or pvp servers][/reporter]

    Suggestion /reporter mode Information about.. When you type ´/reporter´, you go in a mode where you can kind of see NCP alerts. This way, people can spectate hackers when there isn´t staff on. Handy for example when you fought a hacker, died, got your recording software on and wanna record him.
  16. XxDcafferoncrafTxX

    [Practice PvP] new kits...

    I am a PvPer, a man that is part of the pvp community I have been pvping since I first time logged in to GC.... Soup PvP, 1 of the classics Soup HardCore, if you guys don't know what is SHC it is a kit with no armour, a stone sword and a full inv of soup And SG
  17. EmoScenePvp

    Make GC 1.7.10 compatible ;-;

    Honestly, all the Pvp related servers in GC should be compatible with 1.7.10, like PracticePvp, KitPvp, Anni, Factions/fac dim. Eggwars and Skywars should stay 1.8, along with prison ect, because im sure they've used 1.8 blocks in the maps and you cant just change that... But SERIOUSLY there...
  18. Deep556

    {PracticePVP} Spamming

    Name of offender: Miricha Name of offense: Spamming Server: Practice PvP Date and Time: August 16, 2016 5:00pm Philippine Time Evidence:
  19. Omgitslogicツ

    [Annihilation]DarkAngels Recruitiment[BananaRobot,NichoBrick,OMGITSLOGIC]

    Apply Format How Old Are You? How Much Kits Do You Have(Must Have More Than 4) Why Do You Wanna Join? How Long Have You Played Anni For?(Must Have Played Longer Than 2 Months!) Whats Your IGN How Will You Help The Clan Rate Your PvP Skills On A Scale Of 1-10p(Example: Mines Is 8/10 What Role...
  20. Croccifixio

    Kurzgesagt's Recruiting - Faction Originals

    Hello there, Kurzgesagt's officially recruiting players, first of all I'd like to introduce y'all to my current crew. Secondly, if you'd like to join us, you'll have to fill out a few things, just for player background purposes. Our Allies: DesireHD, Binary, Electro, PureSkillz, Nightmare...