1. GameGlitz

    Version Support Feedback | GameGlitz

    *copy to a text editor if the font is all blank, this is the most readable font that this forum has, as this is a text heavy post. Hi. My name is GameGlitz and I have been playing on the server for more than 3 years. I was very happy when 1.7.10 support was added (I think it was added in 2017...
  2. X

    Proxy-I constantly get disconnected

    When i started playing Skyblock,i didn't have any problems,but last new days i've been getting kicked out every 10s-1 minute along with the message saying ''(proxy) lost connection to server'' I tried multiple things,nothing worked.
  3. IcyTea

    VPN Guard: anti-VPN/Proxy Users

    VPN Guard or Anti Proxy I want to suggest this plugin to prevent VPN/ Proxy Users from attacking the server. Well i know a guy who keeps from proxy attacking on GC, and i don't know if he joins on other server channel. But i do see him on Annihilation server, He was prefer to be called, Sanik...