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  1. xph11

    [Prison] New reset!

    Hey everyone! It's finally time for the prison reset you've all been waiting for, and this reset will mark the opening of the guildcraft resets season! Over the next few weeks, all 4 main servers - Prison, Survival, SkyBlock, and Creative, will reset! We have worked hard on this Prison reset...
  2. ahmad2000

    /Rankup Is Glitched

    Hello Guildcraft, I was in Rank Q My balance was 109m I /rankup 26.5m took it from your balance (Balance 82.5m) Server: "Now you arrived to Rank R" I /rankup I got message saying "wait a moment before use that command again" so I wait a while I /rankup 26.5m took it from your balance (Balance...
  3. Cookie_powers

    [Prison] Sumo Event

    Hello Prison Players!! I have decided to host a sumo event in Prison. Basically the goal of this event is to knock off your opponent(s) to claim victory. It will be tournament based so there will be a series of 1v1 matches to decide who will be the winner the event. The final round will be best...

    Suggestions about the NEW Prison!

    Hello there, I am writing this thread to give ideas to the staff for the new Prison! 1)First of all, I suggest you to bring back the old bosses like old(I know the bosses spawn every Friday at 8 PM) for example add them in the mine areas, it will bring back more people. In my opinion some...

    3 Ways to get unstuck on the Prison server.

    Hello there, I am willing to help you with something very difficult on the Prison server. There is a bug which doesn't let you to be free I mean you can't hit, you can't break/mine and you can't move. 1. You have to relog (don't do it when you are on a pvp area, because they will kill you...
  6. Varley42

    Buying 10 euros: Prison

    Hello, I am trading 20 Billion in-game money for 10 euros in the Prison Server. The offer is open for negotiation. Anyone interested can send a message to me on discord: Varley42#4543 (IGN: Varley42); I honestly don't know how to request an admin to oversee this trade. I hope this message will...
  7. iekw2

    Prison reset

    HI Guuys when is the PRISON RESET?
  8. Elise1886

    [Prison] Reset

    Time: 21:00 CET Yes everyone, the long awaited prison reset is finally here. There have been some major and minor changes this reset. Now onto the changes, Reworked Legacy and Reward Shops The legacy and reward shops have been reworked. We're using the same system we used for Skyblock but we...
  9. E

    Buying 2 Euros

    im looking to buy 2 euros for theif on opprison for 800M-900M in prison (tell me if need a raise haven't played in a while) if no one have 2 euro offer, ill trade 1B for a t4 or t5 in regular prison If want to offer DM me at etiansuxatlife #4325 (regular prison items for opprison rank, but a...
  10. Y

    bye gc and mc.

    just bye. 4 august 2018, i rejoined gc, it's been 2 years since i quit for the first time. and since that i feel like everyone is way different since the first time i joined this game. so, for the second time, thank you for the time. Giving all my stuffs I have to Cringe404(Prison) for the...
  11. Fercruz13

    [Prison] Buying Mobboss for 20 euros!! 11b?? Great offer that will boost you plenty of ranks if new.

    First, thank you if you're reading this. Anyways you're probably interested in what I have to offer for such an amount. Well here are the following options. Option 1: 11 billion cash on prison. Option 2: -10 billion cash -1 Titan pickaxe lvl 5 (Efficiency 10, fortune 8, unbreaking 8 )...
  12. Cyb0rgKing

    Prison - Buying 5.97 Euros [EPIC OFFER]

    Buying Island Fly on Skyblock and offering in prison: - 1.1 Billion in-game cash - Titan Pickaxe level 5 [Effi 10, Unbr 8, Fort 8] (cost: 2000 Legacy coins) - Titan Pickaxe level 3 [Effi 8, Unbr 6, Fort 6] (cost: 1400 Legacy coins) - Epic Animal Cooker (cost: 250 Legacy coins) - PvP Axe...
  13. K


    On Friday I bought a cell in Prison, and I stored all my stuff there, and at the end of the week I spent 2 days at my father's house, and now when I came back, I am not the owner of my cell anymore I lost all my things, I'm outraged because the daily payment of 300 coins should be done...
  14. IsraAtGamings

    [OPPrison] Guide How to play

    Hi maybe i am not a admin <3 but i want make a little tutorial how to play at opprison If u first time play at op prison u get a starter kit then u can find money at /warp A you can rankup if u have enough money to next rank di /rankup to rankup if u had rankup u can mine at ur rank if u want...
  15. IsraAtGamings

    A Donator Mine

    My suggestion is after prison reset make a donator mine :) that's will be nice
  16. S

    Crafting Gapples

    So, I've been farming gold for a while in the Prison game mode in hopes that I could craft god apples. Once I had over a stack of gold blocks, its was crafting time. But when I put 8 gold blocks around an apple, no result comes. I Googled everywhere for an answer but came up with nothing. It...
  17. IsraAtGamings

    chat and commands bug mute

    I cant chat type chat and command their say pls type "4 random" I have type it correctly and many tried but it dosnt work pls fix it
  18. iAngelHD

    [Prison] Kill Aura

    Name of offender: 1M__BATMAN Name of offense: Kill Aura, Anti-KB(Toggled) Server: Prison Date and time: 4/10/17 Evidence: @EpicGodLight @pebro13
  19. R

    Better prison shop/commissary

    It'd be nice to see a shop added into prison. As a prisoner, there's very little to do with money (Except rank yourself up and buy from /Ah) You should be able to purchase goods (Such as food, crafting items, etc.)
  20. iAngelHD

    [Prison] Multi Report

    Name of offender: 382oop, 23238989, TeamGamer_TV, Frightened, 096948551, _xBlackbirdx_ Name of offense: Hacks/Combat Logging Server: Prison Date and time: 4/8/2017 Evidence: @EpicGodLight @pebro13