1. Rainbowisticfarts

    [TRADE CENTER] Spam Reduction

    RANDOM NEWBIE: *thinks* hmmm.... how to earn some easy posts... Oh i know! lets go to trade center and write a "Good Luck" on a random trade that is so easy and efficient and everyone will think im so kind and im always online This is such a good plan i wonder if im the one who thought it...
  2. IsraAtGamings

    A Donator Mine

    My suggestion is after prison reset make a donator mine :) that's will be nice
  3. Crafter8000

    A friend of mine can't post

    So, my friend Folto can log in the website, but he can't make any posts, he gets a error message everytime he tries to post anything, and also, he can't delete his old posts, but he says that doesn't bother him much, someone in the staff could help him with this trouble?