1. Ultramutrix

    Sell To The Shop Idea/Suggestion

    Hello everyone. Today i want to talk about a nice plugin or idea that can be implement in skyblock for a better economic and farm experience. when you make a big farm in skyblock, like a cactus automatic farm (Really simple, something that everyone have in their island) it takes hard to get...
  2. Huub_Griffin

    List plugin, for the /list problem.

    Hi Guys, As many of you guys know the /list is not working properly, everyone is shown as a default player. So i created a plugin that could fix this. @aXed You can contact me on Discord: Huub_Griffin#1277 A small demonstration of the plugin. All the groups are configurable and working with...
  3. CDisco

    Supply Drop Bugged

    Today it happened twice.. when its 5 minutes left the timer reset to 8 hours and no supply drop event happen.
  4. TheRagingCrafter

    PvPMine, Adding back VoteCoins and /is trust

    These are just a few suggestions for skyblock that could comply with the new reset. 1. Add back in votecoins. This is a great way to promote voting and to actually get something you want, rather than randomly. Let's say that I'm trying to get 2 chicken eggs for no apparent reason. I vote every...
  5. theerapak

    [Prison] /baltop go too slow

    Yes, it's very disgusting to wait like a minute to see that what's my balance position ***THIS THREAD MAYBE VERY LONG*** So first, I go out seeing that /baltop is in what plugin. I searched Google and finded that it's in plugin called "essentials" then, I enter Github and lookup for the...
  6. DarkFraze


    Speaking of the old discussion : The skin of steve would be better that I have with the plugin But let's move on .. I think there should be a command that allows you to change the skin but can be used in such limited time every month I think this plugin would help many players cracked to choose...
  7. IcyTea

    VPN Guard: anti-VPN/Proxy Users

    VPN Guard or Anti Proxy I want to suggest this plugin to prevent VPN/ Proxy Users from attacking the server. Well i know a guy who keeps from proxy attacking on GC, and i don't know if he joins on other server channel. But i do see him on Annihilation server, He was prefer to be called, Sanik...