1. Rainbowisticfarts

    Could I Get a few bonus Plots?

    Hello! Many people here might not know me since im new to the GC Fourm page but many might remember me since i've been on the server for 2+ Years I Mostly Hang out in the server Creative which is farby one of my most favs i was thinking to apply for builder MY STORY one day so i started...
  2. ServerMask

    -Guide: Beginners Guide To Guildcraft Creative (Plots)

    Hey guys, because of the amount of questions on the forums and in guildcraft creative itself. I have decided to make a forum post about the basic commands and how does creative work! Enjoy :)...
  3. Zeraphyne

    Creative|Name Change

    Hi! So recently i changed my name to Zeraphyne ( it was Z_O_W_I_E) Me and my friend built a huge mansion on my plot, but now that i've changed my name, i can't build on it, but the plot + the mansion are still existing, and the mansion is far from being done! The plot: Does anyone know/ have...