1. Y

    2016 Creative Gamemode Players

    If anyone here that is still active who started playing in 2016 and played Creative Gamemode, i need help. So i've been digging trying to find my old friend who we used to play on Creative mode. This might give you idea of that time (if you are willing to help): It was back when you can change...
  2. MoonCracker

    [Survival] Buying Donator Rank

    Hi everyone, I want to buy Donator rank from someone! My offer is: 1,5mil ig Titan Axe (fully upgraded [worth 380k]) Thnx and have fun everybody! Greetings, MoonCracker (Survival) .
  3. SsjMufeedZ

    I can't join Creative server

    Hi Admins, I just wanna say that for few weeks I can't join the creative server because the moment i join Minecraft crashes but before crashing I clould see the on the screen saying "Welcome to Saad4Ever's plot" Who is my friend looks like his plot is having some bugs so can u guys please help...
  4. K

    Help please

    Hi,When i'm joining any of the servers in the lobby,I got drop back to spawn
  5. MrJoyTime

    Companions [Huge, Awesome Suggestion] Axed Please Red!

    So few days ago, aXeD announced that we could have a lot of companions that could follow us anywhere we go. The idea was loved by a lot and was appreciated by a ton. So how about a new idea? People have been purchasing high-cost ranks for a lot of time now and I think they should be able to...
  6. Chronoz

    Premium/Cracked Problem! @aXed

    Hello It is I, ChronoZ. I have bought a premium account and Chronoz was taken. So I created an account called iChronoz_ . The problem is I couldn't register iChronoz_ because I had no more space to make new accounts so I asked a friend to do it for me. He registered a cracked account called...
  7. blorbin

    Nether Portal Trap (can't move/chat at all)

    Name of offender: Administraitor/KINAS (i didnt see which) Name of offense:Nether Portal Trap (can't move/chat at all, completely stuck, in enemy territory) Server: Factions Original Date and time: 3/25/2016 4:30(ish) Mountain Standard Time Evidence: I'm stuck at XYZ: -4486/72/-2706, which is a...
  8. TanzeelBRO

    [Survival] Buying 3.5 Euros (OP Offer)

    Sup GuildCrafters! Heres My Offer For 3.5 Euros. 500k IGM x1 Double Chest Of OP Tools (Pickaxes,Axes,Shovels Iron And Diamond From Kit Hero/Titan) x8 Prot IV Ub3 Armor Sets (From Kit Titan) x1 NETHER STAR (Super Rare Coz Withers Are Disabled) x2 Beacons x9 Prot IV Ub3 Books x10 Stacks Of Apples...