please help

  1. D

    I am stuck in someone's island

    Hello, I am Dainius, and i need staff to please tp me to spawn because i am stuck in an island of "TheAveragePlayer" please please please i really need to go to my island and i get kickedwhen i try to log in so please please somehow tp me to spawn. My IGN: D_a_i_n_i_u_s
  2. C

    My Factions leader wont come on HELP

    in my faction, i am the co leader but the problem is our leader hasnt come on in a while, if possible i need an admin to help. If possible i need you to make me the admin of my faction. ive had to step up as the leader for our faction and the list of things that need to get done keep getting...
  3. blorbin

    Nether Portal Trap (can't move/chat at all)

    Name of offender: Administraitor/KINAS (i didnt see which) Name of offense:Nether Portal Trap (can't move/chat at all, completely stuck, in enemy territory) Server: Factions Original Date and time: 3/25/2016 4:30(ish) Mountain Standard Time Evidence: I'm stuck at XYZ: -4486/72/-2706, which is a...