1. Yoguan

    Suggestion about Skyblock's reset.

    Dear Guildcraft players and staffs! I think skyblock server need to be reset! I want to make this post, because i saw the skyblock is dying. Since there was a RESET of skyblock there were around 200 players online, but now they are 50-100max. See the picture please!: http://imgur.com/a/HW7Mq...
  2. DEADMAN580

    clash of clans in minecraft

    hello guys , you all know Clash of clans is a game that is played by hundred millions players over the world .. what if it is in minecraft !!! I will explain to you. The game needs 16 player (maybe less) divided on 2 teams . The 2 teams are a separated by a wall that can't be broken by a...
  3. DEADMAN580

    New Mini Game Idea

    First of all ,This is my first post on the forum ... I started playing on GC 2 months ago and enjoyed it as well . Today I have a new mini game idea : The game will be like a mix of prison ,skyblock,and faction : it needs 32 (maybe less) players each divided on 4 each have spawns on a floating...
  4. sagi

    [Skyblock] Advertising of **** sites..

    Name of offender: _iIz Name of offense: ad Server: skyblock Date and time: right now Evidence:
  5. X_ArmaanX

    Skyblock Help Needed Pl0x

    Skyblock help needed So I recently got griefed and I got crap everywhere like bl0x that I don't really need which is annoying coz I gotta clear it all when I didn't even place it so if I could get a global - Admin or h-a or sumthing lik dat .... It would be greatly appreciated Thank U Fr...
  6. sagi

    [Skyblock] Hoppers Limit

    I think we should increase the amount of hoppers in the hoppers limit cause 30 per island and 9 per chunk are really bad.. you cant make farms and cant make money if its will stay like that .... since the afk machines removed you cant afk and make money from small farms so the solution is to...
  7. KyocellHD

    Skyblock Hackers! cactching hackers #3

    Name of offender: ENDER_VIP & tomeskiller Name of offense: Hacking , Combat hacks (ENDER_VIP) Speed hacks , movement hacks (tomeskiller) Server: Skyblock Date and time: 1 day before this post. Evidence: Heres the video of both of the hackers :
  8. KyocellHD

    Skyblock Hacker Back// catching hackers #2

    Name of offender: AZE_G0x1 Name of offense: Hacking, combat hacks Server: Skyblock Date and time: a few mins before this post Evidence:heres da video.. and also he said that he was using a alt as he got banned from his account called AZE_M0nS.. on which i made a report too... saying that he was...
  9. Garfield190

    (Anni) Too Expensive Kits.

    So I've been farming and rushing in annihilation this past week and I only got 200-600XP. It's so hard to get XP especially when i only play on weekends. So I suggested that aXed change the XP from killing people to +4XP instead of +3XP but breaking the nexus is still +1XP, and lower the price...
  10. Garfield190

    [Anni] I Think Autoban in anni is broken.

    Yeah... So when I go to Anni in GC and It saids i'm banned for Aimbot/Killaura But I am not hacking what so ever but i don't have any proof but i don't have any hacked clients installed... But It was the Autoban who banned me from anni and so much people has been banned by autoban even if they...
  11. Garfield190

    [SkyBlock] Where can i get Lapiz Lazuli?

    So... I wanna know where can i get lapiz in Skyblock cause, it takes so long to break blocks and stuff... I checked the /warp enchant but theres no sign that gives lapiz so yeah... Tell me pls! :)
  12. A

    Kill Aura

    Name of offender: Xz_osos_zX Name of offense: Kill aura Server: Factions Dimension Date and time: 02/07/2016 18: 30 Evidence:
  13. sagi

    [Skyblock] Animals.

    hi there aXed And PapaBoom128 i recently found a problem i really dont know if its a problem Or is it the intention of this. ok so i saw that my animal spawners has stop spawning animals i asked boiboi7 about it hes said aXed limit the of animals in island to 20 so boiboi7 told me i have to...
  14. sagi

    [Skyblock] Afk Machines

    Ok aXed this post is to help you fix the damge you made to skyservers. after the reset that been made demigod- getting kicked by afk-timer... first Steyn took our shop sell signs, then Steyn made that we wont be able to make money from challegnes, so the only way we had to get money is to make...
  15. B

    i complain Qamar

    Im buying 2.50 eur 100 donatecoin. I complain Qamar was banning me please report my give me money. Im very nervous now.
  16. admies

    (Skyblock) Is trust

    Hello guildcrafters ,since some people don't know how to build xp farms,automatic farms?They would use ./is trust(name) and ask people to do work for them.When the helpers done the work ,island members ./is untrust them.
  17. D

    [Bypassing Mute With Auction]

    Name of offender: 21_KingCody_21 Name of offense: Bypassing Mute with /Auction Server: Skyblock Date and time: 1/26/2016 - Around 10:30pm Est Evidence: Screenshots below
  18. goldensky1406

    [skygrid] Flood,caps and Dog on pvp.

    Name Of Offender: DTYDJenesen,luanbambam,Kiezzan,peterled2 Name OF Offense: Dog on pvp,caps,flood Server Skygrid Date and Time 10 mins ago
  19. ScarlettFever

    [Skyblock] Disrespecting staff, inappropriate name

    Name of Offender: FUKUJIRO , FouYuck Name of Offense: Swearing, disrespecting staff, inappropriate name ( Fuk - U- Jiro ) FouYuck (Switch the letters 'ou' and 'uck' . I highly doubt there's a name like that as a coincidence) Server: Skyblock Time: December 13, 2015 11:32 AM EST
  20. FM9897K

    [Skyblock] Pet in PvP

    Name of offender: tufanefe Name of offense: Pet in PvP Server: Skyblock Date and time: 10 Minutes Ago Evidence: http://imgur.com/8OSL9Vb http://imgur.com/1KeFyTY http://imgur.com/IfwYAsy P.S. I warned him in chat and he didn't stop. -FM @PapaBoom128 @Alnuaimi_10 @DarkEcstasyX