1. P

    Player Report For Griefing

    Name of offender:The_Evil_God Name of offense:Griefing Server:Skyblock Date and time: Around 4th - 5th December 2015 (GMT +7) Evidence: He Griefed Zekamashiet Island which I am the member of. He take almost of all of our hopper, slimeblock, precious materials like diamond,irons, golds,etc. I...
  2. chunky

    [SkyBlock] Tp Killer

    Name of offender: AbyssWalker Name of offense: Tp killing Server: skyblock Date and time: 10 minutes ago Evidence:
  3. [VORTEX]JustinLabajos

    [Skyblock] I've been Griefed

    Name of Offender: JiriStarz Name of Offense: Griefing Server: Skyblock Time: November 21, 2015 10:15 AM on the Philippines I trusted him on the island because I need help on expanding, then after my blocks ran out, I paid him 500$ for his cooperation, then I mined more blocks, then he helped me...