1. zap_slash896534

    Info for new players

    Hi there. I want to dedicate this post to new players to give them information and answer questions for them about Annihilation. I did this because I feel quite sorry for new players who join Annihilation when I see them join a losing team being farmed continuously, and they have no idea about...
  2. KryptoRC

    Event Suggestion: Harness

    I was reading @TheCatsKing ’s suggestion for deflector kit and I came up with an idea. *credits to him Harness Event All kits are allowed, and most aspects of Anni remain unchanged. The only factor that contrasts with the regular annihilation game mode is that ALL players, regardless of...
  3. Gerlinee

    Hello :)

    Hello guys, My name is Gerline and I started playing Minecraft again after a few years. I'm from the Netherlands :) Im currently playing a lot on Skyblock and already made friends :) Soo if you see me on Skyblock, just say hi :) See you soon! :) Gerline\Gerlinee
  4. Ziteax

    Practice queue

    First of all, this is my first forum post and I would like to suggest something to add the practicepvp game in Guild Craft! My suggestion would be to add a queue watcher to see how many people are in queue for matches. This would help because some people go into queue and they cant see if...
  5. Alien_Ash

    Why can't I register?

    I did /register password password and then it asked me to do /login password. And then it booted me out for the 'wrong password' ?????
  6. N

    Bringing Back UHC!

    Now, I am aware that UHC has been down for many months on this server. I, personally, enjoyed playing UHC a lot and was disappointed when I found out that it had been shut down. There are no servers out there who offer cracked UHC gamemodes and I believe this uniqueness will bring Guildcraft...
  7. ____Elsa____

    Epic Spell Wars! A new Kind of Minigame!

    Hey! Elsa here. Introducing.... EPIC SPELL WARS! Using the spell system on my previous build. I created a minigame! This minigame is good for 1vs1, 2vs2, 3vs3, 4vs4, and even 5vs5! No mods or Resource packs needed! Minigame Summary: 1. 6 premade starting spell given to random players per...
  8. bambambam123

    Add ./staff command server-wide!!

    A /staff command is a command which displays all staff on all servers when executed. This can be handy for new players as well as players who need assistance but are not sure who to ask (if you have a rank, you may have in-experienced people asking you whether you are staff or not). The /staff...
  9. Gurky

    Ranks vs legacy ranks?

    Hey new to the server and wanted to know the difference at the shop between ranks and legacy ranks. I see that there are only 4 ranks and quite a few more and upgrades for Legacy ranks? It;s for factions if that makes a difference?
  10. T

    Complete 1.11 Update

    I've noticed that the shop does not have items from 1.11 such as Observers and other new editions to Minecraft. It's painful to have to make each item by hand and I think it would be better to just be able to buy them from /shop. It wouldn't be any different than buying pistons or blocks from...
  11. YoutuberNoob

    Prison nukes

    sup i cant use the word hey agin. So ive been thinking of requesting this before but i forgot it. im gonna try to make this as short as possible. So ive been thinking of mining in prison. since for lower ranks it takes lots of time to get like to rank g or something. ive been thinking of 1...
  12. Bunnyloid

    Hello! I'm Bunny!

    Hello! Im Bunny! Even though im new, im not a noobie to minecraft. Ive playing playing for a couple years now. So far im really enjoying this server. I hope we can get along ^-^
  13. Arthur_The_King

    About the Middle age game!All pls vote

    IDEA I got idea for this game 3 years ago so my friends and I started building a map for the game but they quit 2 years ago cus they didn´t play MC anymore. The game is about middle age. There are 4 teams and they have their huge land where they can build and... Duration of the game is long...
  14. Arthur_The_King


    This is my idea that I am working on for 3 years. I started designing the map for it before 2.5 years and I did a lot but it is not over yet. Now I have some problem about my server but I´ll continue soon. More about the game and some pictures are coming up tomorrow because I have to go now...
  15. fr3nZy


    Good evening ladies and gentlemen. I am fr3nZy. All heil fr3nZy! *ahem* Hi, I'm new.
  16. Sir_Doom

    Hey guys {Newbie Spotted}

    Hello people, As the title says, I'm a newbie to GuildCraft. My name in game is Sir_Doom and I started a few weeks ago. So far I only liked Annihilation and Creative (Mostly Annihilation though) And by the way some of you may have seen me in-game :p. Ehmm a few info about me.. I like Football...
  17. DelighteDev

    New to the forums :P Itz DelighteDev

    I love the McDonalds traditional burger :P I h8 tpakilling, scamming on prices. I dont have enough idea how much the things are worth around here, hopefully I get the assumption. ______ Hey guys, This thread is to formally announce my arrival on the forums. I avoid forums, because in some cases...
  18. TechProject

    My Introduction

    I am TechProject aswell as my ingame name TechProject and i play eggwars,prison, factions and skywars these are my favourite game server in guildcraft and so i have decided to play in guildcraft and make friends in guild craft and i am was born in 1995 and i have been owning a server like this...
  19. ralper

    [NEW]-[MAPS] (YOURS)

    UK gather your maps to the game anni: the player now can produce maps to the server the submitted maps will be evaluated and adapted by admins PT juntar os teus mapas ao jogo anni: o jogador passa a poder produzir mapas para o servidor os mapas submetidos serão avaliados e adaptados pelos...
  20. Kimboxterbot

    Hello i am Kimboxterbot

    Hello my fellow member i am Kimboxterbot! I have been here for about or 2 years but never on forums so i decided to actually start being active and meet new people. I really love the new Eggwars game, its super fun! Keep up the great work staff because your games are getting cooler and way...