new kits

  1. SmashArmy

    practices stuff

    Hey i love your server 1. you should have Iron Axe Pvp Like The AxePvp but the iron axe Pvp have swifness and more pots 2. have a pokemon map with a pokeball at mid like Kohi/Badlion 3. when player duel like /duel (player) and pick anything they should be able to pick any maps to battle on 4...
  2. Parth Kasat

    [Annihilation]2 New Kit Ideas!!

    1.BeastMaster Desc-You are the beast. Summon the beasts of the forest to aid you in your battles. Icon-Bone Items- 1xWooden sword 1xWooden pick 1xWooden axe 1xCompass 1xBone[ability icon] This kit mainly has 1 ability-the bone can be used to summon 1 pet wolf and you get strength 1 and...