1. AlirezaRCH

    How to earn more money!

    Hi every one, im playing about a year or two, but i dont know how to earn more money. Im confused what to do, I wanna make money to buy Eur and then buy ranks :) If anyone can help or teack how to make more money please DM here. FireTanic <3
  2. RpgZombieCM

    [Skyblock] Buying 4 euros for 10Mil

    So i basically want a vip to hero rank up (legacy ranks) and im willing to pay 10 million for those 4 euros. I am baltop 3 with 12.4mil so yeah. Plz Someone -Yours Truly RpgZombieCM
  3. deejay1111

    Selling 12 Euros

    Buying anything you desire for 12 euros, but I'll only take items in factions pls and thanks. Spawners are preferred, but shoot me an offer if u want to. Discord= deejay12#0320
  4. A

    Buying 5 euros (Vip to Hero Upgrade)(Factions)

    I'm Buying 5 Euros for Factions server and i want an upgrade for my current rank(Vip)to the next rank(Hero) My Offer 7.5Million 10 Prot Iv,Unbr III sets 1 Sharp V ,Unbr III,Fire Aspect II(Axes) 2 Sharp V,Aspect II(Sword) 30 God Apples 20 Cow Spawners Some God Tools
  5. R

    My money dissapeared

    It's that simple. I had 180k. And 20 min. later, I look at the balance and I have 0.01$. I don't know how that is posibble. I need help. -Riqs
  6. D

    [Skyblock] Selling Skeleton Spawner

    Selling 1 Skeleton Spawner in Skyblock! $150,000 If you want the offer please contact me in-game, my name is Diev.
  7. Izaelya


    Is there a use for in game money? Or is there a malfunction with that process?
  8. TheAveragePlayer

    Euros Scam

    Name Of Offender : Louisvuitton10 Name Of Offense : 900k (nine-hundred thousand) In Game $ Scammed due to Scammer Claiming To Sell Euros. Server: Skyblock Date And Time: 4/2/2017 GMT+8 (Malaysia) (The Transition From April Fools To Not-April Fools) Evidence: ence:
  9. F

    Skyblock Spawners Bug

    Type of Bug: I lost money. Server: Skyblock; Arena: my island; Date and Time:22/03/17 00:40; Hi, i'm f4bio97 in game. I was selling melons in shop and with full inventory i wrongly clicked on "buy spawners" and i bought a spawner for 250k. In chat it told Bought for 250.000 but I didnt get...
  10. ronking

    Ronking22k <3 - Im going to sell 100 euros for faction stuffs / money / spawners

    so hey guys i just back to the server b4 a week and im trying to get good here like i was b4 i have over 100 euros in my bank acc so i think that i will sell it here tell me your offers love you <3 allways you can msg me im online at faction *Ronking22k
  11. Mighty

    Massive offer Over 6 mil worth IGM Items for 5 Euros!

    I want the faction companion for sorax_ this is de offer for 4.95 Euro [grey dog companion factions] 5 igs 1 mil in money 16 gaps 16 cegs pm in game or on forum The Companion is For _SoraX_
  12. J

    [Global] buying unban

    so here i can tag only @aXed to add this which is to allow ppl to buy unban from the server for a good amount off money since the server needs money to exist :) thats all i have for this forum its short but good :P
  13. ShadowARV

    Selling 7.5 EUROS MAX [Prison] (250k for 1 title)

    I am selling 7.5 Euros in any server for PRISON offers. Just tell me how much euros you want and how much you offer. 1 title- 250k 2 titles- 500k And so on... Instead of IGM, if you offer a Titan pick, I will still take it depending on the level and the euros you want. -If you want a companion...
  14. TrueGandalf6969

    Selling Euros. 5 MAX!(Prison offers)

    Hi! I'm selling some euros for stuff in prison. You can offer money+T pickaxes. Depends on how much euros you want. Start offering below!
  15. I

    Buying €1.25

    I'm buying €1.25 for the title #420BlazeIt on faction dimension. I'm offering 150k, 1 creeper spawner, 1 blaze spawner, 1 enderman spawner on server faction dimension.
  16. elias27122

    Selling 2nd row plot [SURVIVAL]

    Im selling a 2nd row plot in survival which is ahead of /warp freefood ! It is 32 x 16 = 512 blocks an it is plain rn ! Post your offer down here or find me ign :D
  17. elias27122

    Need instant help with my IGN purchase (SURVIVAL)

    Im really sorry to ignore you but at survival i went to /warp enchant and in front of it u can buy 1 legacy token for 250000 IGN cash ! I literally didnt realise i was there and pressed to buy 1 legacy token for 250 k (all i got was 254 k ) so i accidentally i bought 1 token i didnt need at all...
  18. elias27122

    GIVING from all servers for---> SURVIVAL

    GUYS by voting i got heavy stuff at all guildcraft servers like money,stuff,VOTECOINS so if you dont play survival or play less than other servers we can trade some stuff :D HAVE A NICE DAY !! You can find me at survival :D
  19. medeiros

    Trading For prison money

    Trading my dc and money and items in all servers for prison money. tell me ur offer
  20. Jojojordo123

    Demi-God to God upgrade

    Hello fellow guildcrafters, This is my offer for the upgrade: On factions 12 Dubblechest Prot IV Unb III helmets 13Dubblechest Prot IV Unb III chestplates 12 Dubblechest Prot IV Unb III leggings 12 Dubblechest Prot IV Unb III boots 9 Dubblechest Sharp V Fire II swords 7 Dubblechest Power V...