1. Lilou37

    i can't play

    um so- it's been some days now that i can't play any minigames when i try to click on a minigame it say this and it do this for everything can someone help me please ? :'c i want to play on the creative so bad
  2. TheVgaming

    (Possible Gamemode) MinecraftKnownBattleground or MKB

    Alright i'm back again this time i will suggest a gamemode the name is MinecraftKnownBattleground or MKB or you can suggest the name in the comment bellow. So let's get in to it. Map The map can be like 10 small town and there will be a big town in middle of the map and some few military base...
  3. Zeiber

    Practise PvP on 1.7.10

    Ok, so i have been playing Practise PvP lateley and i met an guy, i tought he had reach cheats but i didnt belive in that because of his aim and i asked him: Are you playing on 1.7.10? He said yes. The guy went afk faster than i realised that i can't play GC on 1.7.10 atleast the other...
  4. Wizardbrewer

    The rebirth of UHC! [2]

    UHC(Ultra Hardcore) is a competitive game with varying player count from solo to 4vs4. It is a game-mode that restricts you from healing even at full saturation. The only way to heal when damaged is to eat golden apples/healing pot. The players are left to survive in the open withing a wall of...
  5. ____Elsa____

    Epic Spell Wars! A new Kind of Minigame!

    Hey! Elsa here. Introducing.... EPIC SPELL WARS! Using the spell system on my previous build. I created a minigame! This minigame is good for 1vs1, 2vs2, 3vs3, 4vs4, and even 5vs5! No mods or Resource packs needed! Minigame Summary: 1. 6 premade starting spell given to random players per...
  6. 21_KingCody_21

    Add New MiniGames

    If we want to improve this server,we need to bring back some old good minigames back. Like Dwarf vs Zombie,Spleef,Capture The Flag, And Many More Even Suggest some below
  7. TheRealDoctor

    Exchanging coins and XP

    I have an idea : What if you could "sell" your coins and experience in a minigame to purchase coins or experience in another minigame? For example, selling SkyWars coins to purchase Annihilation XP? I don't think this idea is bad, but definitely not the best. What do you guys think?
  8. D

    Team sky wars minigame

    pls add team sky wars cuz i dont like play alone it will be very useful for the server if you did i thank you very much :D