1. ItsRaymond

    [Introdution] Hi, I'm Raymond.

    Hello everyone, so I will be starting introduce about me. Real name: Raymond Hsu Country: Asia, Taiwan Minecraft IGN: Raymond_TW Staff Experience: Some Minehut Servers (About 5 Small Servers) Servers I Made: 2 Servers Without No Staff Helping Forums Member: Hypixel Forums LopixelMan [Well-Known...
  2. I


    Name of offender:Meow_8 and char Name of offense: Meow_8 was using killaura, char was using anti-kb aimbot killaura Server: Kit-Pvp Date and time: 14th of april 2017 10:25-10:35 am [Eastern European Summer Time (EEST) +0300 UTC ] evidence: hackers make me mad :mad:. also this angry face...
  3. RpgZombieCM

    A suggestion about EggWars

    Ok so eggwars is an awesome gamemode on guildcraft but i have a couple of suggestions 1. there should be a trading system between players so they can trade coins and kits because it is very important because like some players can get kits for cheaper people with a lot of coins can give coins to...
  4. V

    I Might Be Back......-Vinayakchaurasia

    Hi guys wahts up :D its me vinayakchaurasia an old legendary player of annihilation ;D i quitd minecraft and started playing agario and now i wannna play mc again :D as far as ik gc has some sort of reset and a new look i guess but bcuz of tht i lost my anni kits D; idk if i wuld hav got em bak...