1. [SAO] Black17

    [Faction Orig] Updates?

    Hey @aXed been wondering is there any new updates in faction orig? cuz we really want to raid bases that has 20-40 walls :/
  2. ericcronin

    sanders4104 breaking rules

    Name of offender: sanders4104 Name of offense:racist,being inapropiate towards other players overall toxic Server:factions original Date and time:6:40-647 eastern us timezone Evidence:if u check his loggs he was being racist towards willythenoob telling him "atleast i can open my eyes decently"...
  3. iceflamez

    [anni] moderator narrow mindedness

    Name of offender: @Chisagu Name of offense: moderator narrow mindedness (This is game) Server: Annihilation Date and time: today Evidence: he/she (i dont think he is she) mute me when i ask timber to check a player @aXed @Kris
  4. Swag_Fox

    [Anni] Swearing

    Offenser:ennu Offense:Swearing Proof:screenshot Server:Anni Time:Just Now
  5. Swag_Fox

    [Anni] Flying Hacks!! (Video Proof)

    Hey,Im making my sec report because i got proof for that guy and flying Offenser:RedKeyMon Offense:Flying Proof:Video Just Watch : =>
  6. Swag_Fox

    [Anni] Flying At ANNI !! (PHOTOS)

    Offenser:RedKeyMon Offense:Flying (hack) Proof:Photos Time: 9:50 GMT +2 (Greece)