S T O P unclaiming players claims BEFORE 28 days

    My daughter (WilloQueen) just lost the baby she carried for 7 months. She spent a whole day going through birth to deliver a stillborn (dead) baby. Because of that, she was off GC for 23 days. When she got on today to make sure she did not lose her claim she logged in where she left and it was...
  2. iverstaylot00

    [iverstaylot00] Leaving Guildcraft for a short time

    Hello guys... Many of you may have noticed that I've been super inactive lately, and that's due to school, work, baseball, and my home life becoming so much of a hassle that I haven't been able to cut out time for Minecraft anymore... I'm taking a TON of super hard classes this trimester, which...

    EGG WARS Players working AGAINST their own team.

    On Feb 2nd 2015 I played egg wars ROME, I always get blocks and go to center 1st. As I did the normal routine the players have gotten used to a new player came on red. He has the skin of a snowman, As I placed blocks to go to center he waited for some of the team to follow and then removed the...
  4. MineCraftStar86

    I can't apply for mod

    Every time I look on applications list it doesn't show anything it just says available applications... and nothing shows up or happens... please help someone