1. forswornlad

    Player confirmation for title on forums

    There should be a way where you can confirm your player you use, and use the name for your character on the forums if you'd like, so since im Example (Vip) forswornlad It'll be pretty cool if it'll show your title/prefix on the website. It'll also make the names look cooler and more unique...
  2. geoarisfc

    Stolen Account

    Name of offender: - Name of offense: Someone hacked an account ("antonis" account) and pretends to be the real one. ((He is also hacking)) Server: Every server (mostly anni) Date: 29/12/2015 till now Evidence: He doesnt acts normal, the real antonis, who also speaks the same language with me...
  3. Robbertplays


    So i came 4 days ago online and i saw i got a ban for chrageback fraude but i didnt knew what happend after that i talked to @Jack20 about my ban and at that moment jack saying to me he got a ban to i go look at my paypal account i see someone have charged back jack his rank and my own rank and...
  4. D

    Removing Strength 2

    On skygrid strength 2 is enabled and makes fights with prot4 armor last for no more than 10 seconds. The only way to stay alive is with a god apple. It would be better to remove strength 2 and just let people use strength 1 so that they still get an advantage for using it but not as much of a...
  5. E

    Lack of staff activity at skygrid @itsmesteyn

    As I have been playing on skygrid for about 2 years now I feel there is lack of staff activity at skygrid . Whenever I login I dont see any staff on . If there would be staff on then he/she would be afk or would not stay there for a long time . So please steyn You need to see this . I suggest...
  6. R3D_G3KKO

    HazWolf accusing forums

    name of offender: @HazWolf Name of offence: Accusing in forums Date and time: it shows in post Evidence: (shown below) go to my recuriting post http://www.guildcraft.org/threads/over-powered-faction-n00bezpz.1869/page-3 I haven't made the faction but I invited quite some people
  7. sagi

    Nrgg Do What Ever He Want..

    Well its started when i played kitpvp and tryied to kill Super_Nate i tryied again and again and finally i did it and affter that i also kill Nrgg and then i saw they was mad and provoke me cause i killed their kill streak that was very high you will see it in the next screen shoots.. i dont...
  8. FM9897K

    Disrespecting the server

    Name of offender: xXSloProxXx Name of offense: Disrespecting the server (GC) Server: Skyblock Date and time: 11/28 40mins ago Evidence: http://imgur.com/WfJfiWE Admins & mods can do anything with this, so we need head admins / steyn to punish this guy ((Also what about the cape for the player...