1. _iBearHD

    IP Issue

    Hi there I am _iBearHD and me and my 3 elder brothers all play or used to play GC so now im the next in line but there's an issue I can not join the server (or well i cant register) because theres already 3 accounts playing GC on our IP adress so now I cant play 2 of my 3 brothers do not want to...
  2. Dude69571(2)

    [SkyBlock] Ip Ban Evading

    Offender: Um4dBr0 Offenses: IP Ban Evading Server: SkyBlock Date/Time: 2/7/16 6:09Pm UTC -5
  3. Dude69571(2)

    [Skyblock] ip ban evading (again)

    Offender: TalyHotyZal Offense: Ip Ban Bypassing (again) Server:SkyBlock Date/Time: 2/7/16 5:26Pm UTC -5 Claims to be Um4dBr0, bypassing the ip ban
  4. bambambam123

    Can we bring BlockWars to GuildCraft?

    Just an idea It would be really cool if we could bring it to GuildCraft. I know it would be very difficult to do so, but i have some really cool ideas for maps and new kits if it is possible. Anyway please comment if it is possible or if you think that this is a good idea :). Lets try and...
  5. GokuKrieger

    [New Game] Idea Skyback/Punch down

    Name for the Gamemode Skyback or Punch down How does the game work and whats the Goal All players are spawning on a Map thats in the Sky, all getting a Knockback 2 Stick and they get other Stuff like Armor with there Kits. After the Game started the Players try to punch the other Players from...
  6. voi_boy

    Please can someone kick my leader

    My currant island has been upgraded and made over 1 month, and all i can say is... i made the whole island my leader (dutchb0y123) hasn't been on in one month 3 days 22 hours is annoying because there are some things that make him the credit take, like on the /is top his name is there even tho i...
  7. GokuKrieger

    [Skywars] Kit

    1.Skywars Kit Pirat ITEMS: 1 GoldSword Sharp 2 2 Dispensers 32 FireCharges 3 Leavers 1 leather cape 2.Skywars Kit Baseball Player ITEMS: 1 Knockback Stick 16 Creepereggs 1 Full Leather Armor Well i created some Kits for Skywars.:D I hope you like it.
  8. arnel47

    got scammed on skygrid

    for more details see my profile
  9. arnel47

    Marry Christmas GuildCraft

    I wish you marry Christmas all best for you guys from arnel47
  10. Neptune520

    [Skyblock] About Spawner

    I broke a Slime Spawner with silk but that Slime spawner drop to cactus and gone . Can server give me back a slime spawner ? The time is between 23/12/2015 3.00p.m. ~ 3.10 p.m. in CET
  11. B

    Skyblock Donation coins

    Since the reset months ago i haven't log onto the server much so i don't know why my donation coin is at 0. Can anyone tell me and help. I'm a skylord
  12. bambambam123

    Not receiving donate coins or $ in skygrid

    I had not received the rank for 3 months until today when Steyn gave it to me in under a second, however, yes I do have the rank but I didn't receive the $75000 or the 75 donate coins. Please may I have a quick and speedy reply as I am leaving to go on holiday in a couple of days and would not...
  13. P

    Player Report For Griefing

    Name of offender:The_Evil_God Name of offense:Griefing Server:Skyblock Date and time: Around 4th - 5th December 2015 (GMT +7) Evidence: He Griefed Zekamashiet Island which I am the member of. He take almost of all of our hopper, slimeblock, precious materials like diamond,irons, golds,etc. I...
  14. J

    [Server Wide]

    So, I saw ItsAmethyst's post in the "Introductions & Farewells" sub-forum, and had gotten this idea. I was thinking "Oh, well that's a pretty cool way to get to know people.". Then I thought, "well, what if I take this, and make it something more?". That's where my idea comes up. I wanted to...
  15. Omgitslogicツ

    [Factions] Add Koths?

    Suggestion KOTH What Are Koths? Koth is another word for "King Of The Hill" Once you cap Koth u get a reward. To capture KOTH u have to stand in a box for a certain amount of time while people try knocking you off the box. Once you get knocked off the box the time will reset and you will have to...