1. xJeky.GuildCraft

    WT Heck GuildCraft Lost PlaYers !!!!

    Hello Guys IM xJeky from Annihilition I Think All KnOW Me But @aXed Why U Made That To GuildCraft From 3 or 4 months GuildCraft Is The Best 3500 Online And At Annihilition The Players more than 500 ....Now All The Online At GuildCraft The 1st Server is 8 ..... Why Please @ItsAmethyst @Arjenpro...
  2. C

    my account

    Hellow, i am caju1999 and im here because someone hacked my account. I dont know who was the people that hacked it. I would like to know what i need to do to recover it. my IGN-caju1999 (sorry for my english) my current account IGN-cajuera
  3. Ghostkiller853


    Hello All Admins :D I was recently banned for threatening to hack someone's acc. even though I believe that the ban was wrong, I wanted to say sorry and ask if there is ANNNYYY way i can get unbanned. GC was the first server i played on. I have been playing for 2 years now. I have 9 kits. I...
  4. me3boodme

    New miniGame ?!

    Hi guys , 9 days ago I got banned for some issues , so I started thinking about a new minigame . So there is 4 teams red yellow green and blue , each team has a treasury , and each treasury have for example 100k [ 3 diamond blocks = 30k , 4 emerald blocks = 20k 10 gold blocks = 30k and 20 iron...

    EULA , Chorus Fruit, Bad Staff and Corrupt Players

    I think I found a way to solve the problems in semi so it does not become a place no players can be safe. I do not pvp I am there to help the server and the players so the idea that only 1000 or 2000 blocks around spawn are going to be safe for players to build and trust that they will be safe...
  6. Djspinladen

    [SkyBlock] Team Chat

    .Hello Everyone, I hope that one day we will be able to be having a team chat on skyblock. where same island members can talk using the command ./t message well I've been playing Sky block recently so I don't know if this command was there before reset hope admins work on it it will be useful...
  7. lemwaxzy

    Scammer at Survival. Can i get my stuffs back ?

    Name of offerder: KingRuby04 Name of offense: Scamming Server: Survival Date and time: February 29, 2016 7:30 PM Evidence:
  8. sagi

    Nrgg Do What Ever He Want..

    Well its started when i played kitpvp and tryied to kill Super_Nate i tryied again and again and finally i did it and affter that i also kill Nrgg and then i saw they was mad and provoke me cause i killed their kill streak that was very high you will see it in the next screen shoots.. i dont...
  9. creeperfish101


    He is not sure if letting the ban manager link out to public is allowed or not Warn him and tell him to read the rules before getting staff -creeper These staff man