1. RafeMonzz


    Hey! I voted yesterday and today but I still don’t get vote keys. I have proof if you want me to show .(some might think I used it idk what to show) And also , I’m afraid if I buy kits , I might not get the items. Please fix this team
  2. Ultramutrix

    Fly Disable When Disconnect

    Hello everyone, im just here to talk about something that today happened, and that should be fixed. Today, i was playing skyblock and suddenly i got kicked (probably cuase lag) I didnt mind it but i left in the air, with the fly mode on.. So i clicked skyblock server and i minimize minecraft...
  3. R

    Item dissapearance bug

    I'm pretty sure a bug occured with my items dissapearing. Yesterday night I made chests and put my valuable items in them (enchanted armor, weapons, god apples,...). But this morning when I logged on the items weren't there. I'm 100% sure that I didn't get raided, because everything is intact...
  4. T

    Complete 1.11 Update

    I've noticed that the shop does not have items from 1.11 such as Observers and other new editions to Minecraft. It's painful to have to make each item by hand and I think it would be better to just be able to buy them from /shop. It wouldn't be any different than buying pistons or blocks from...
  5. xSCx

    For those who have any idea how to solve this

    Hi I know im boaring with questions about creative BUT when you copy your "old/new" plot how to copy the items on it ?????? :D ???????