1. Furios

    Major Bug (idk if it is)

    There's a bug in annihilation where u can join the team that won (u need a rank to do this), this bug doesn't give the winning xp. I don't know if it will increase your wins. This might not be a major bug but you need to fix this. edit: ok, so for example Team A won the game, so imagine u have a...
  2. Xblizzard

    [SkyBlock] The Great Wall needs a Soldier!!!

    Hiya, Guys, and Gals I am totally recruiting new members today and so as our presidentjtrump..... Pls Send your Application Form Below: The Great Recruits UserName: [Required] Age: [Optional] Gender: [Required] Your Great Excuse of joining: [Required] Specialty: [Required] A Pic of You...
  3. eos2005 real1

    how is this allowed

    plss clear this buildings
  4. YoutuberNoob

    shit guildcraft didnt u tell me that ? @axed

    well ive been trying to buy titan keys for a while. but one thing keeps happening when i try to buy. So here when i go to the shop. It says PAYPAL VISA MASTERCARD AMERICAN CARD or tf. im gonna prove how wrong that is. so now im going to show u what i mean and how this shouldnt be like this. so...
  5. Emmanuel

    [Anni] I Bought an Anni Beta Kit. Can I Return Back???

    I just bought 1 week ago kit Farter. but seriously i just used it like 10 minutes in all weekend, i didnt thought about that when buying kit but now i see that its useless for me because noone plays beta :( so i want to change it for one kit of normal anni. like acro, but i dont know if i can...