1. Greenhead

    My kit ideas for KITPVP

    Hello, this is my kit ideas for kitpvp. I REALLY hope it would be added. 1. Evoker Armor - No helmet, Iron chestplate, Leather leggings and boots (Grey color) Weapon - Iron sword (Arkhalis) Special - Spell, it does 3 random attacks. (30s cooldown) 1 - Add speed and strengh for 3 seconds 2 -...
  2. camEEla_cabeYo

    Creative Suggestions and Ideas

    NOTE: Lots of these ideas are inspired by DiscoDuck’s Suggestions - This is just my take upon them. - Idea 1: BuildPoints: This would be suitable for members who can’t or unable to donate to the server. What are they? They are...
  3. tahahuzefa

    anni ideas

    can we get more from anni like quests id like maybe quest for every1 maybe weekly or daily (eg) kill 25 people =reward maybe 200 xp we can have a lot of side quests and this can make sure that there are less irritating farms or maybe its a easier way to earn xp esp for people who are new
  4. S

    suggest for forums: add new stuff

    I've watching the forums lately and came up with some new forum category ideas : 1. giveaways and competitions: you can post giveaways and prize competitions. 2. events and changes: you can view new events and recent changes to the game and forums. 3. skins and capes: view new skins and capes...
  5. S

    game idea: forcewars

    I have a new suggestion: why don't we play star wars jedi vs sith pvp in guildcraft? no mods required, only star wars server resource packs! still, we have to find the maps and resource packs. If you find any of these, leave a link! (and I need an admin to ask about it.)
  6. mdmongi


    Well, as we all know, all kind of ranks can't be purchased anymore. Yes, that is a pity, but... the stuff resolved this in the right way?In the game, there are a lot of people who still have advantage because they bought a PERMANENT rank. What is my point? there MUST be a way to obtain a...
  7. superboy12345 [Nub]

    [Factions Dimension][Suggestions + Feedback]

    New server, new bugs xD time to make our little frog fix em all :] 1) Add those OP mobs/monsters in Warzone - Please add more ;-; 2)Fix Key events - They spawn around 1500+ blocks from spawn, way too far -_- 3)Add safety to ./runes shop - Alot of my friends accidently bought custom enchants...
  8. GokuKrieger

    New Kit Ideas![Skywars]

    Hey Community, I created some Kits, that might be Fun to play and which are not too op or too usless. I Hope you like them how the are but changes are much appreciated :) @Elphios So here they are!
  9. forswornlad

    Faction needs more commands, [security]

    Nobody likes to be insided, or, Have their stuff tooken from them ------------------------------------------------- I think that there should be more commands that lets us secure our territory. Such as /lock : Very good for securing base, and letting Faction members only go in certain areas...
  10. W

    UHC Ideas

    Hello, this is my first thread on GuildCraft and I have been playing for a few months and I have some ideas mainly on uhc. First off I think there should be a mod or somebody watching over the game so that there would be no hackers or anything in that nature. Second of all I think there should...
  11. TheCatsKing

    [Anni] Kit ideas! Please leave feedback :)

    I noticed that lots of kits suggestions are being taken in consideration, thats why i decided to make my own ideas I'll post 4 ideas, Reflector, Crafter, Grenadier and Cat :3 ================================================== Kit Cat You are the claws Use your agility to maneuver around the...